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Hawker on a Sunny Day

I am just going to throw in a gratuitous shot of a business jet today.  This Hawker was on approach one sunny day at Paine Field.  It wasn’t rare or special in anyway (unless you count the scimitar tips to the winglets) so might not have got a post of its own but I just like this family of jets so here it is!

A Little SoCal Shoot As I Head Home

Half an hour of spare time on my way back to John Wayne Airport so I figured a quick shoot of approaches was worth a shot.  It wasn’t going to be the most productive of shoots but why waste an opportunity.  There were some regional jets and some airliners while I was there but also a few biz jets showed up.  The sun was getting lower so the light was a bit more appealing.  Even so, just a few stock shots for possible future use.  Two Alaska Embraers came in but they were from different operators, Skywest and Horizon.  I know someone who has a preference there (David).

Tucson Corporate Activity

AE7I4695.jpgI don’t know whether the timing was favorable or whether there is just a lot of traffic but I saw quite a few corporate jets on the move at Tucson during my short time shooting there.  Corporate stuff is always a nice break from the regular airline traffic although it can be harder to shoot.  The jets are usually smaller and the bigger ones are often performing well within their capabilities so get airborne really quickly and are way too high by the time they get to you.

B11I5681.jpgEven so, we did okay.  A couple of Hawkers were heading out and I was particularly pleased to get a Global Express.  It did look a touch anonymous but maybe I can pretend that means there is an interesting story behind it.


Any Expensive Jets Here?

C59F1981.jpgAirliners were not the only thing we got to see above LAX. On the south side of the field are some FBOs and they had an interesting selection of planes parked up on their ramps. As we passed overhead, it was a good time to see what was around. There were plenty of Gulfstreams on show. The view from above shows just how large the wing is on the largest of Savannah’s products. We also had some BBJs, a 757 that appeared to belong to a casino and some Cessnas, Challengers, Falcons and Hawkers. I am not sure I would be able to choose which one to use today. Maybe I will rotate them?

C59F1990.jpg C59F1985.jpg

Sea Fury Surprise

wpid13516-AU0E0485.jpgIt’s always fun to get a nice surprise while you were out.  I was up at Sonoma Skypark with my friend Eric looking at a bunch of pictures he had taken.  There is usually something buzzing around on a Saturday so, while the noise of an engine will cause us to look, we normally then return to what we are doing.  However, the sound of this engine made us take a second look.  It was a Hawker Sea Fury circling high above.  This is a plane belonging to Walt Bowe and we watched him high above us.  Eric said it was unlikely Walt would do a pass so we just watched casually.

wpid13518-AU0E0491.jpgHowever, as we watched, Walt’s path did look like he was turning in towards us.  We paused a little so as not to look foolish but then it was clear he was dropping down towards the field.  Fortunately, I had the camera on the table near me.  Eric and I jumped up to get to the other side of the field where the light is better.  We scurried across as gracefully as two old geezers can and we in position as Walt dropped into his pass.  I guess he saw us as we got a great pass from him before he pulled up and continued on his way.  Now I want to shoot this plane again but in a more planned way!