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Boeing’s Fleet of Runabouts

While the big jets are what Boeing is known for, they have a number of other aircraft that they use for their own purposes.  I haven’t got all of these by any stretch of the imagination but I have come across a few at various times.  They have BBJs that they use for executive transport.  They also have some Bombardier Challengers that are able to promptly get people from A to B.

If you are looking a bit more locally, there is at least one Cessna Caravan that is used for various duties.  I am not sure what its role is exactly but I imagine it is a handy way of getting people around the northwest and it can probably also move parts up to a certain size if needed.

Another runabout is a Northrop T-38.  This can be used for chase duties but I also suspect it is a crew hack since it seems to make regular runs between BFI and Moses Lake without crossing paths with any of the test aircraft.  There are also T-33s used for chase work but, sadly, I have get close to any in action.  Just a distant overflight shot.  Hopefully I will see them before too long.

BBJ at Medford

Directly opposite our hotel during our overnight stop in Medford Oregon was a Boeing BBJ.  There was no way I wasn’t going to try and get a shot of it despite the fence.  The initial shots were when we first arrived because I didn’t know what the timing of the rest of the day would be. However, after dinner, the light was getting so much better so I wandered back out to have another go.  No idea whether it is based there or whether someone was just visiting.  We left before it moved.

Qatar Amiri Flight 747-8 BBJ

Just a quick post this time.  No big description.  While up the old tower at SFO, the Qatar Amiri Flight Boeing 747-8 BBJ was parked across the runway.  As private jets go, this is pretty well up there.  I haven’t been inside so I don’t know whether it is luxurious but I am willing to bet it doesn’t have a utilitarian feel in there.  I doubt I will get to find out though.

Mexican 787 BBJ

C59F3264.jpgMy trips through Dallas Love Field resulted in some shots of the Kuwaiti Boeing 747-8 BBJ. That was not the only interesting aircraft that was undergoing completion for a VIP customer at that facility. Parked behind it during a couple of my transits was a 787 that was destined for the Mexican Air Force. Only one time did I manage to get a reasonable shot of it and I was glad I did because, shortly after I took this shot, it departed for Mexico. I hope it is proving to be a useful aircraft for the country. No idea whether I will ever see it again in it intended role so I am glad to have got it while the chance was there.

Any Expensive Jets Here?

C59F1981.jpgAirliners were not the only thing we got to see above LAX. On the south side of the field are some FBOs and they had an interesting selection of planes parked up on their ramps. As we passed overhead, it was a good time to see what was around. There were plenty of Gulfstreams on show. The view from above shows just how large the wing is on the largest of Savannah’s products. We also had some BBJs, a 757 that appeared to belong to a casino and some Cessnas, Challengers, Falcons and Hawkers. I am not sure I would be able to choose which one to use today. Maybe I will rotate them?

C59F1990.jpg C59F1985.jpg

State of Kuwait 747-8

AU0E8316.jpgWhile it was part of the original plan, I found myself going through Dallas Love Field recently. I had changed flights and the new routing took my through Dallas and on to Oakland. This was the second time I had flown through Love Field. The previous time I had only my phone with me but no other camera. This had been frustrating because I saw something pretty interesting but couldn’t get a good shot of it. The State of Kuwait has bought a 747-8 to use as a VIP transport and it is being fitted out in Dallas. This time, I did have a camera so was able to get some pictures.

AU0E8293.jpgThe jet is parked across the runway from the terminal building so it isn’t too close but it is not that far away. It is strange to see it parked outside each time but I guess the interior work does not require it to be indoors. I imagine in the summer, keeping the jet cool while they work is no small task. Fitting out these wide bodies can be a very long process. Everything is custom designed and manufactured and 18 months is not unknown. Given that it is a governmental jet, it might well have even more complexity and could take more time – I don’t know. A search online suggests it may be close to delivery and that is why it is not in a hangar. I didn’t find the arrival date but it does appear to have been there for quite some time. Maybe I was lucky to get it before it leaves?