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Great Scot!

Dassault make some very elegant looking jets.  The Falcon 7X is a particularly good looking one in my opinion with perhaps the only issue being the extension of the fin below the tailplane which looks a bit like a fix for something.  This example was at Boeing Field heading out.  I don’t know where it lives because it has a Manx registration which means it could be from almost anywhere.  I did like the rest of the registration, though.  I hope they are Scottish rather than just someone called Scott!

The French Government Comes to Town

Catching a cool bizjet is nice but coming across one that is a bit special is even better.  I almost missed this one.  I was focused on something else when I looked up and saw something on the approach.  At first I thought it was a parallel approach but I lifted the camera up to my eye and saw it was a colorful fun that was getting my attention.  It was a Dassault Falcon 7X.  It was in French government colors.  The fin was the French tricolor.  This was a cool thing to catch and quite a surprise.

Pick Your Favorite of the Big Corporate Jets

C59F6674.jpgIf you are like me, when you are shopping for your next business jet, you are always making a choice between three types. Our tricky decision is between the Gulfstream, the Bombardier Global 6000 and the Dassault Falcon 7X. They each have slightly different characteristics and capabilities but they are all great jets and suitable for our day-to-day needs. Which one to take is a tough call which is why I would probably get one of each and decide on a given day which one was best.

C59F6924.jpgIt came as a good thing, then, that I got to see all three types at San Jose. This is an airport that is convenient for much of Silicon Valley. The prevalence of big jets is hardly a surprise given how much cash is floating around over there. I wonder if seeing them on this day will help me with my decision?