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Sunset Over The Beach in Tofino

Three nights in Tofino meant three chances at sunset.  Actually, it was more like two as we got there the first evening just a bit after sunset itself but the sky was still really lovely.  The second night things were a bit more subdued as the sky was rather clear and there was little to reflect the last rays of the sun.  The last night was far more impressive with some cloud on the horizon but obviously more in the atmosphere to glow.  Here are a few shots of the sun dropping down and the lovely sky we had to enjoy as we relaxed by the beach.

Silhouettes on the Water

My sunbathing cormorant got his own post here as a result of being easy to photograph in the evening light.  There were plenty of other cormorants around that evening but the rest were around the piles out in the water in into the sun.  That did make for some nice silhouette shots instead so here they are.  You won’t be able to identify individual cormorants, though.

Please Come Back Before Sunset

Some late day departures after the Flag returns included F-15Es, F-35As, L159s and A-4s.  You don’t know how long anyone is scheduled to be out but you find yourself hoping that they will all make it back before the sun sets so you can get some arrival shots in the nicest light available.  Once they are gone, it is a case of watching the time and crossing your fingers.  As it was, we got lucky.  They came back in a steady stream with all of them showing up as the sun was at its best.  Arriving over Cheyenne is not ideal from a sun angle perspective at this time of year but we still got some nice angles.  Some turned tighter while others went wider so we got to try all sorts of angles out to see which picked up what light was remaining.

Sunbathing Cormorant

I had finished up a shoot and was driving back towards home but decided to divert to Kenmore.  The evening light was looking good and I thought some floatplanes might be returning to base.  By the time I got to Kenmore, it must have too late as I didn’t see any planes.  However, there was a cormorant sitting on one of the posts near the end of the jetty.  As the sun set, he was stretching out his wings to gather maximum warmth.  How could I resist yet another cormorant shot?

Manhattan Sunset

My departure from New York was out of Newark Airport.  The day was coming to a close as we taxied out for departure and the turn after take off gave me a view back across towards Manhattan.  The sun was getting low in the sky so, while the sky behind the city wasn’t glowing, the light on the city was really nice.  Not a bad view as you start the long trip home.  Fortunately the winds were favorable and the trip back took an hour less than expected!

Supermoon Rising

The combination of the Super Moon, the blue moon and the lunar eclipse was something a lot of people were interested in.  Sadly, we were due to have a cloudy night so none of the excitement was going to be on show.  As the sun was setting at the beginning of the evening that this was all due to happen, I was walking out of the office at the same time the moon was rising.  At this point we still had a clear sky.  I hadn’t planned anything but I did have a camera to hand so grabbed a few shots for the hell of it.

I decided to try and bracket for an HDR shot.  The twilight meant there was something closer to an even exposure between the foreground and the background than you normally manage with a moon shot but it was still a wide range.  HDR gave a bit more to play with.  Then I headed home and the clouds rolled in.

Lake Washington Sunset

Sometimes you are just in the wrong place when the conditions are right.  We were driving across the floating bridge that takes SR520 between Seattle and Bellevue one evening.  The sun was going down and the sky to the north was pink.  The water of Lake Washington was smooth and was reflecting the sky beautifully.  We were in a car doing 60mph so there was nothing to be done about it.  Once across the bridge, I avoided the freeway and took Lake Washington Blvd towards home.  It runs alongside the lake and, while a slower road, it is a shorter distance and a more pleasant drive.

As we got alongside the water, the sky was still looking rather impressive.  The pink to the north had faded but the sky to the west still looked great.  There is a park along the shoreline and I zipped in there to see if I could find a parking spot.  Sure enough, someone had just left so I hopped out and took a few shots before the whole thing was done.  The orange in the sky towards downtown Seattle was very intense and it all looked great.  I guess I got a second bite of the apple.

The Sun is Setting! Too Late…

The Thai delivery flight I wrote about in this post went out in lovely light.  It was due to be followed by a Dreamlifter flight to Nagoya.  That is a long leg so means a heavy jet which should use a good amount of the runway.  The scheduled departure time meant it should be just before sundown.  They didn’t start on time, though, and the light was beginning to fade.  A bit of cloud on the horizon meant that sunset was going to be okay but the light was going to go before that.  Meanwhile, once the jet called up, they advised the tower that they needed to burn down a bit of fuel to get to the required takeoff weight.  Great, not what was needed!

By the time they were ready to go, the light was gone.  However, I had waited long enough so I figured I wasn’t giving up now (although I was now getting pretty cold!).  The ISO was being ramped up rapidly as I had to keep assessing the conditions while I waited and it got steadily darker.  Finally, they called for departure and lined up.  Looking up the runway over the ridge, I could see the jet approaching.  Something interesting was making the plane look very squashed!  Once it got over the ridge, they rotated and got airborne very close to me.  Everything was very flat but at least it was something different to shoot.