The End of The Forge

Across from Boeing Field is the site of Jorgensen’s Forge.  This facility was created in the Second World War by the Isaacson company and later sold to Jorgensen.  It has since gone through a variety of ownership but ceased trading a few years ago.  It has been siting idle for a while but recently the demolition of the plant commenced.  The whole area is a Superfund site which should be a surprise for a large foundry that has been in operation for decades.  I don’t know what the plans for it now include but here are some shots of the skeleton of the structure from one weekend when it was being taken down bit by bit.  A sad end to a location that provided many jobs and supported multiple different industries.

2 thoughts on “The End of The Forge

  1. Jeff

    My time of 10 years in those buildings pales in comparison to the time that some other great people worked there. Sad to see her go out that way. The pictures that you posted are absolutely striking. Do you have more?

    1. Rob Post author

      Not many, I’m afraid. I only realized what was going on when it was quite advanced. I wish I had taken more before it started coming down.


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