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Ruslan Chases the Small Guys at Paine Field

Antonov 124s make a regular appearance at Paine Field.  Boeing obviously receives a lot of shipments which I am guessing may be engine deliveries.  Plenty of the flights come from Columbus OH which is near a GE plant and the GE90-115 fan is too big for most freighters when installed.  However, it could be for something else.  Anyway, I got one coming in to Everett recently.  Paine Field is a popular field for light aircraft so you get a lot of them flying patterns on the main runway.  One called up on final when the Ruslan was turning on to final.  They made it in without any trouble but it was quite amusing to see the little plane on final with the unmistakable silhouette of the Antonov not far behind.

Vipers Sneaking up on Strike Eagle

B11I5439.jpgBefore I say anything else, this shot is not original.  I didn’t think of this and I certainly wasn’t the first to shoot it.  Indeed, it is the exact opposite.  This is a shot that I have seen from other people a bunch of times but that I have never achieved.  The recovery for Red Flag has a lot of jets coming home at once.  Jets will break into the pattern and will be turning final when more jets are coming in to the break.  You can get jets coming in overhead directly behind the jet on final turn.  It looks cool but I had not got it before.  This time I got lucky.  I don’t know whether I am pleased with the shot or just glad that I finally happened to get it!