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Sunset Over The Beach in Tofino

Three nights in Tofino meant three chances at sunset.  Actually, it was more like two as we got there the first evening just a bit after sunset itself but the sky was still really lovely.  The second night things were … Continue reading

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Sunset Over Lake Washington

No long explanation here.  I was down at Lake Washington and the sun was going down so I took this shot with my phone.  Just seemed pretty…

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Puffy Cloud Backdrops

My personal preference is to shoot planes tight.  I like to see the detail up close and usually strive to get that in my shots.  However, sometimes I remember that there is more to it than that and there is … Continue reading

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Sunset Over the Central Valley

While out shooting the aircraft in the evening at Eagle Field, I also got to enjoy quite a nice sunset.  The sky was turning a variety of lovely colors and, once the sun had dropped below the horizon, things really … Continue reading

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Sunset Skies

I’m not sure what it is about the weather in the Bay Area but we do seem to get a good selection of sunsets in our town. The clouds at high level get lit from beneath frequently and the famous … Continue reading

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Skies With Menace

This time of year can get a bit stormy.  We had some interesting skies rolling across the city with cloud layers heading in different directions at different heights.  I thought a time lapse might be good for this so had … Continue reading

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Natomas Evil Sky

You are always supposed to have a camera with you so you can be ready when the shot presents itself.  Sadly, there have been far too many times when I have failed in that regard and this blog has plenty … Continue reading

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