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Sunset Over The Beach in Tofino

Three nights in Tofino meant three chances at sunset.  Actually, it was more like two as we got there the first evening just a bit after sunset itself but the sky was still really lovely.  The second night things were a bit more subdued as the sky was rather clear and there was little to reflect the last rays of the sun.  The last night was far more impressive with some cloud on the horizon but obviously more in the atmosphere to glow.  Here are a few shots of the sun dropping down and the lovely sky we had to enjoy as we relaxed by the beach.

Puffy Cloud Backdrops

My personal preference is to shoot planes tight.  I like to see the detail up close and usually strive to get that in my shots.  However, sometimes I remember that there is more to it than that and there is something interesting about the context of the shot.  It doesn’t have to be a detailed shot of the plane.  It can be a wider shot when no one is looking at the plane expecting to see the intricacies of its structure.

Having some nice clouds to play with is an important part of the story.  Going wide when the sky is blue is not really going to add any drama.  However, some nice puffy clouds will certainly be appreciated in this situation.  In this case I was with some friends at O’Hare shortly after a storm had passed through.  Things had cleared up nicely but there was still plenty of evidence in the air of what had been dumping water on us a short while before.

I doubt closer shots would have been much use anyway.  With the amount of moisture in the air and the warmth that was quickly coming back now that the sun was out, heat haze would have destroyed an detail with a longer lens.  Going wider was probably the only option.  It was certainly worth it though.  The texture of the clouds after the storm was there to see and to be emphasized in the shots.  The plane provides a focal point to explore the image from but is not too important itself.  You can’t just do this but, from time to time, it is good to fight your normal style.

Sunset Over the Central Valley

B11I7218.jpgWhile out shooting the aircraft in the evening at Eagle Field, I also got to enjoy quite a nice sunset.  The sky was turning a variety of lovely colors and, once the sun had dropped below the horizon, things really did light up nicely.  Whether focusing in on a distinct part of the sky or going for the wider scene, it was a nice place to be for a while.


Sunset Skies

C59F3257.jpgI’m not sure what it is about the weather in the Bay Area but we do seem to get a good selection of sunsets in our town. The clouds at high level get lit from beneath frequently and the famous bad weather of the area does not seem to obstruct the sun as much as you would think. I was in the office at home doing a few things when I glanced out of the window and saw the sky producing all sorts of patterns. I grabbed a few quick shots because the camera was on the desk. Just as well it was because a few minutes later everything was done. If I had needed to go downstairs to get the camera, I would have missed the whole thing.


Skies With Menace

This time of year can get a bit stormy.  We had some interesting skies rolling across the city with cloud layers heading in different directions at different heights.  I thought a time lapse might be good for this so had a go at a couple.  The sky didn’t turn into anything too dramatic in the end but it is still fun to watch the way the levels were moving.  Here is a clip of what there was.

Natomas Evil Sky

wpid5216-AU0E0988.jpgYou are always supposed to have a camera with you so you can be ready when the shot presents itself.  Sadly, there have been far too many times when I have failed in that regard and this blog has plenty of entries describing exactly that.  However, in this case, I was actually prepared.  The view out of the office window was suddenly filled with some very ominous clouds.  This would have been good on its own but the sun was still on the shops that are next to the office.  The contrast was pretty dramatic and made the clouds look even more impressive.  We even had some birds flying through the scene that caught the light too!