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Closing the Viaduct and Opening the Tunnel

For decades, the dominant feature of the Seattle waterfront has been the Alaskan Way Viaduct.  This carried Route 99 from the south side of the city along the waterfront before diving into the Battery Street Tunnel and then popping above … Continue reading

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Out with the Old and In With the Nui

Sorry for the corny pun but I just couldn’t resist.  One of my favorite airliners to shoot has been the Air Tahiti Nui A340-300.  I have seen them at LAX on a number of visits.  Shooting them taking off on … Continue reading

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Speeding Up Lightroom

YouTube is a fantastic way to lose track of time.  It may well have an abundance of crap but it also has lots of informative material.  More importantly, watch one thing and you get recommendations of other things, many of … Continue reading

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Boris Bus

My years living and working in London were spent when the Routemaster was still a regular feature. As we left, the time was coming when the fleet would be retired and subsequent visits involved a more conventional selection of buses … Continue reading

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And It’s Attached

You should have seen the video of the move by now.  The effort to float the new span into place was pretty impressive.  The joints are a tight tolerance to be met but you are moving a large barge with … Continue reading

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In to Place She Goes

The movement of the bridge in to its new location finally went ahead after a lot of waiting on my part.  While I was shooting stills, I did set up a second camera to get a time lapse of the … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for the New Span

Once the old part of the bridge is cut away, the next step is getting the remaining part of the bridge ready to accept the new structure.  The original construction of the bridge involves having the metalwork riveted together.  In … Continue reading

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Wells Street Bridge Part Two

Here we find ourselves repeating some previous posts.  Hopefully, this will be slightly different.  A while back I posted about the replacement of the south span of the Wells Street Bridge.  You can look back at the previous posts here … Continue reading

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And the First Piece is Away!

As I mentioned before, the first piece was free.  I hadn’t planned for a time lapse.  I had no idea I was going to time my visit for when this happened, nor that it was going to happen so soon.  … Continue reading

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Cutting Through the Night

I headed back to the work site later the same day to see how things were progressing.  I wanted to know how fast things were moving but I also wanted to see the work at night.  The cutting torches they … Continue reading

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