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Time Lapse Cloud Formations

I will fall into a stereotype about our new home here.  We have actually had some very nice weather but this one is about rain and clouds.  I was sitting in the office on a call and the clouds were … Continue reading

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The Unusual Oakland Approach

Over the last few years I have flown in and out of Oakland more times than I can recall.  It has been my transit point for the majority of my travels.  A recent return brought me a new experience there … Continue reading

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Time Lapse Up the Old Tower

My trip up the tower at SFO got me thinking about what things I wanted to get done while I was there.  One thing I had in mind was a time lapse.  I was a bit bothered, though, because we … Continue reading

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Sound for the Videos

While I have experimented with video a fair bit over time, one thing I haven’t done is put together a video with a presenter in it.  My mum was recently staying and she had an idea for something she wanted … Continue reading

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Tracking the Orcas

Orcas are cool. No avoiding it, they are a great looking whale. We spent a lot of time with this group on our tour with Monterey Bay Whale Watch. Because they kept offering up good opportunities to interact with them, … Continue reading

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Another Night Launch on a Cold and Windy Night

The evening launch at Red Flag is something I have had a go at on a number of occasions. Consequently, regular readers that pay close attention may feel that this post is a bit repetitive and they would be correct. … Continue reading

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A Feel for the EOR

During the recent Red Flag 16-1, which I was covering for Global Aviation Resource, I got to spend a portion of the day at the South EOR.  EOR means end of the runway and this is where the planes come … Continue reading

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Overview of a Nation’s Capital

The second leg of the journey that provided me with the storm video of Chicago was to Washington DC. For those that haven’t been there, Washington’s National Airport is located in the Potomac River. Approaches from the south come straight … Continue reading

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Storm Over Evanston

I was flying cross country and my layover was in Chicago at Midway. I had deliberately chosen a window seat on the right side of the plane in case we carried out the approach from the lake in order to … Continue reading

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