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Videoing the Hummingbirds

Sometimes you just forget what you have tucked in the garage.  I have been trying to get shots of the hummingbirds in our back yard and more recently shot a little video with the DSLR.  Then it occurred to me … Continue reading

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Time Lapse Up the Old Tower

My trip up the tower at SFO got me thinking about what things I wanted to get done while I was there.  One thing I had in mind was a time lapse.  I was a bit bothered, though, because we … Continue reading

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The Old Tower is Stripped Out

The rebuilding of SFO has included building a new tower.  I wrote about the old versus the new a while back in this post.  The new tower has now been commissioned and is operational.  It is time for the old … Continue reading

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Lightroom Furor Missing the Point?

Adobe recently updated Lightroom and introduced a new version of the import dialog. This move caused consternation in the online photo world and they are currently planning to revert back to the previous version. So much of the focus was … Continue reading

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Old Versus New SFO Tower

SFO has been undergoing quite a program of investment in recent years. Upgrades to the runways, redevelopment of terminal buildings and a new control tower. The new tower is not yet finished but it appears to be getting close. I … Continue reading

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