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Practice Panning to Make it Different at BFI

I was killing some time at Boeing Field and the light was dropping fast.  There was a variety of traffic inbound but nothing that counted as terribly unusual and not, therefore, something I desperately cared about getting a good shot … Continue reading

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How Things Move On

I am sure that there are countless examples around of how things progress leaving something that we used to think was impressive looking horribly dated. This is not something unique, then, but it did amuse me. While going through some … Continue reading

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Misty Morning

While on the road, I often stay at the same hotel.  It is across from a lot of open fields and, when I have left just after sunrise, I have been impressed by the low lying mist that hangs across … Continue reading

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Funky FedEx

The other day while I was sitting at my desk, I happened to look out of the window and across the river. (Under no circumstances should you conclude that I was spending a large amount of time staring out of … Continue reading

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