Misty Morning

wpid5232-AU0E1862.jpgWhile on the road, I often stay at the same hotel.  It is across from a lot of open fields and, when I have left just after sunrise, I have been impressed by the low lying mist that hangs across the fields.  I tend to notice this as i am driving out.  Thinking clearly early in the morning is not always something I can be relied on to do but one morning I had some forethought and a little time and decided to wander out with the camera.

wpid5234-AU0E1898.jpgThe mist was a little deeper than in some previous mornings so less was obviously poking out of the top of it but it still was quite attractive.  The fields are flat as a pancake so there are none of the little dips that can make a shot like this more interesting but it still worked out reasonably well.  While I was shooting, the sun came up behind me and started to color in the scene with some really warm light.  I grabbed a few shots before heading back to the hotel to start the day for real.


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