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Dropping the Shutter Speed in Bad Light

My cloudy Vancouver shoot also gave me the chance to play around with some lower shutter speeds.  I have done this for the turboprops before but this time I decided to play with some of the jets.  A really low … Continue reading

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Mean and Moody Sky

It’s always a nice combination when you can get some light on the foreground subject of the photo and have a really dark and menacing cloud structure in the background.  The brightness of the foreground exposure is much higher than … Continue reading

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Crummy Skies at SFO

Sometimes you have an idea about something that will work out really well.  Unfortunately, you are not always right in that assumption.  I was up early one weekend morning and was over in San Francisco.  My reason for being there … Continue reading

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Cloudy KC

Our journey home came through Kansas City.  We got the airport in plenty of time so were hanging around waiting for our flight.  The clouds were working their way across the sky and the beams of light that cut out … Continue reading

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Look Down on a Cloudy Day

While we had our friends in town, we asked what they wanted to do.  One of the things they had in mind was a trip up the Hancock Tower at the end of the day to see the city before … Continue reading

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