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How Things Move On

I am sure that there are countless examples around of how things progress leaving something that we used to think was impressive looking horribly dated. This is not something unique, then, but it did amuse me. While going through some … Continue reading

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What’s in a TiVo?

Not so long ago, my TiVo packed up. This was part of a string of technology failures I suffered in a short space of time and about which I have previously posted. I was getting ready to dump the old … Continue reading

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Technology That Won’t Die

A moment for an odd rant today.  I had an experience recently with a business (a big company, not some small operation) where they had got some information incorrect on something they sent to me.  I contacted them to arrange … Continue reading

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Cool Kit If You Are a Video Person

I shall start by pointing you at a blog that is far better written and far more informative than this one. Not a huge challenge of course. However, the author of this blog is a fantastic photographer and now also … Continue reading

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Arghh!! Technology Hates Me!

Time for a quick vent.  It seems I have brought down upon myself the curse of technology.  Being a techie type, there are plenty of forms of technology in my life.  Recently, they have been conspiring against me.  I am … Continue reading

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