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Woodinville Lineman

If you take a garbage truck and attach it to a power pole that you aren’t supposed to attach it to, you are likely to cause some trouble.  We had a blackout as a result of such an event.  The … Continue reading

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Hail Damaged Radome?

This 777 pulled onto the gate in front of my while I was at Haneda.  The radome seems to have taken a bit of punishment.  It looks a bit like some of those shots you see of jets that have … Continue reading

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USS San Francisco Memorial

Walk around the headland from Sutro Baths and you come to a great view looking across towards the Golden Gate Bridge.  Here is located the memorial to the USS San Francisco.  The ship was engaged in a vicious battle during … Continue reading

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Don’t Lose Control of Your Tug Please!

This is a bit of an old event but I thought it was worth a post.  A number of years ago we took a vacation to South Pender Island in British Columbia.  We stayed in a hotel by a little … Continue reading

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Convertible Delivery Trucks

The number of bridges and underpasses in the city mean there are plenty of signs showing vehicles what the height restrictions are.  As someone who drives cars that will fit anywhere, I don’t pay a huge amount of attention to … Continue reading

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