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Seattle Pano from West Seattle

With our visitors, we took a trip to West Seattle.  The afternoon light on the city looked nice and a pano seemed to be in order.  Here is a Zoomify version of it so you can look around the city at your leisure.

Can You Find Yourself in North Vancouver?

Standing on the shore in Vancouver on a sunny Sunday afternoon provided a great view of North Vancouver. Plenty of boats were making their way across the bay including some large ones which proved a little problematic for this task. I figured I could use the long lens, shoot a large sequence and create a panorama when I got home. It turned out that Photoshop and Lightroom both struggled compiling this panorama so I ended up positioning everything manually. However, it all worked out pretty well. Here is the result. Feel free to navigate around to see what you can find.

Zoomify the Boeing Flightline

Everett is a busy production facility.  787s are being built at a fair rate while 777 production continues, albeit at a reducing pace.  There are some 747s and 767s coming out as well.  The flightline for their testing is consequently rather full.  I figured a panorama was a good idea but they are hard to put on the blog without making them too small.  Time for zoomify again.  You can pan around and zoom in to see what was on the line this day.

Seattle Skyline Zoomify

On our boat ride back from Bainbridge Island, we were getting back to Seattle in the early evening.  The light was not at its best but it was certainly becoming nice.  While the boat was moving, if you were quick it was possible to shoot a series for a pano so that is what I did.  The resulting pano is rather large.  Therefore, the above image is a small excerpt but to zoom in and pan around, you can go to the Zoomify version of the shot below.

Embedding a Zoomify File

I have played with the Zoomify files a few times before.  Then I found a way to get a Zoomify file output in HTML5 format rather than Flash.  Since so many people are on mobile devices today and plenty of them don’t use Flash, having the new format was necessary to make the output usable widely.  I didn’t like the idea of a new page opening up though.  Taking people off your page can mean that they don’t come back.  Fortunately, I found out how to embed this in an iFrame.  Those of you that are web savvy will know all about this stuff but I didn’t.  However, messing around with some page code and suddenly my stuff is embedded in the page above.  Pretty cool.  Feel free to zoom and pan around the Nellis flightline!

New Zoomify Trial

I previously added a Zoomify image to a blog post.  It was pointed out that, as a Flash based format, it didn’t work on some mobile devices.  That was using the default Photoshop installation.  I have now found a way of generating an HTML5 version of the Zoomify output.  This is a trial to see whether it works.  Let me know in the comments.  Click here to see the file.

Zoomify the SFO Departures

I was recently drawn back to something I had experimented with a long time ago but had since forgotten about. I was at SFO when the wind was strong enough to require all departures to operate from the 28s. This resulted in a long line of jets along the taxiway beside the runways as they waited their turn to take off. I shot a very wide panorama shot of them all lined up. It didn’t help that they weren’t bunched too tightly but, even if they had been, the pano that results is very wide and shallow.

There is nothing much you can do with this unless you have a long wall waiting for a mural (which I don’t). However, I still liked the shot. What to do with it? Then I remembered Zoomify. This is an output format embedded within Photoshop that creates a web page that you can zoom in and out of and pan around. It allows someone to explore a large image in more detail if they want to do so. Not quite on the scale of Gigapan images but still a neat tool when you need something slightly different.

Zoomify Panorama