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Spider Web Engineering

This spider web was attached to one of the towers at Hyakuri.  The web thread was quite a heavy gauge compared to what I normally see and I was fascinated by the way it was attached to the wood.  Multiple … Continue reading

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Zoomify the SFO Departures

I was recently drawn back to something I had experimented with a long time ago but had since forgotten about. I was at SFO when the wind was strong enough to require all departures to operate from the 28s. This … Continue reading

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Web video sizing

I have been getting more and more interested in video work in the last couple of years.  Shooting video at the same time as stills is a regular feature of any shoot I am now on.  I am even getting … Continue reading

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Airliners versus Jetphotos

I bounce backwards and forwards about whether I am interested in the two most prevalent of the online aircraft photograph databases, Airliners.Net and Jetphotos.Net.  I have pictures on both services and they have (very) occasionally brought some useful contacts my … Continue reading

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