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Seattle Pano from West Seattle

With our visitors, we took a trip to West Seattle.  The afternoon light on the city looked nice and a pano seemed to be in order.  Here is a Zoomify version of it so you can look around the city at your leisure.

Lakefront Properties – Who’d Want the Noise?

Here are a few of the houses that along the north end of Lake Washington as seen from the pier at Kenmore.  Sure, they look like nice houses and they look out over the lake but I’m sure the noise of all of the people having fun out on the lake would make these unattractive places to live.  They also have floatplane traffic coming and going from Kenmore.  I can’t imagine anyone who would want that.

An Old Friend on the Shore

When I was a teenager, we lived on the seafront in Cowes.  The road was a short distance in from the waterfront but a side street led down to the sea itself and you could walk along from there in either direction, either along to Egypt Point or in to the town center.  The railings that stopped you falling in to the sea (if standing up was not something you could manage on your own) were mounted between a series of posts and, on one of these posts, there was a sculpture of a lion.  Clearly weathering had taken a toll on this lion but repairs had been carried out over the years.  When I was there last year, we took a walk along this same stretch and it was great to see this familiar old fella still guarding the shoreline.

Roche Harbor

B11I8533.jpgRoche Harbor used to be a lime production site.  A couple of the old lime kilns are still in place although no longer operational.  However, now the focus has been on transforming it in to a tourist and residential destination.  There is a hotel, shops and restaurants.  Plots of land are being developed into residences and there is a large marina.  The place is picturesque enough but it is a bit isolated from the rest of the island.  It had a bit of a feel of the sort of town in which everything is controlled by one company and the rules must be followed.  Maybe I am being unfair but that is how it seemed to me.  We walked around a bit to see what was on offer but we were soon on our way again.


Friday Harbor

AE7I9618-Pano.jpgDespite spending quite a few days in Friday Harbor, I didn’t actually take many pictures of the town itself.  However, when arriving and departing, we had a better view of the town laid out around the harbor.  The waterfront is prime real estate and, as you come in on the ferry, you get to see some very nice places on the island in the middle of the harbor.  The area surrounding the harbor is more accessible for development and so there are a lot of places that are considerably closer together that the really pricey places.

IMG_4190.jpgOur hotel was a little up the hill and so had a nice view across the harbor.  The construction activity below us means a slight distraction from the picturesque ideal but it really was a fantastic spot to hang out for a drink in the evening or for breakfast first thing (or as close to first thing as we could manage while on vacation!).