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An Old School Cobra

The Cobra is still a big part of Marine Corps aviation with the Zulu model the current favorite as it replaces the previous Whiskey models.  However, the Cobra started out life as an Army attack helicopter.  While they are long … Continue reading

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National Guard Chinook

San Carlos Airport is home to the Hiller Aviation Museum.  In times past they used to have an event called Vertical Challenge.  It was a big gathering of all things rotary winged.  Sadly, the challenge ended but the current team … Continue reading

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French Gazelle

Chino is full of surprises.  There are many hangars and many unusual things contained in them.  A friend showed me a shot of a Jaguar T4 that was in one of them – I was disappointed to not see that … Continue reading

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Black Hawk Welcoming Committee

A work trip recently took me through Chicago Midway.  I wasn’t there long before getting on my next flight.  We were taxiing out to depart and were coming past the National Guard air unit based on the field.  They operate … Continue reading

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Fort Eustis

Hayman and I had a day free ahead of ISAP so decided to go exploring the areas around Norfolk.  There is not a shortage of aerospace related museums in the area.  With the military presence and NASA, plenty has happened … Continue reading

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