Fort Eustis

Hayman and I had a day free ahead of ISAP so decided to go exploring the areas around Norfolk.  There is not a shortage of aerospace related museums in the area.  With the military presence and NASA, plenty has happened nearby and so having enough to fill museum collections does not seem to be a problem!

One place we decided to check out was the museum of Army Transportation at Fort Eustis.  The museum is located just inside the main gate and they are happy to have the visitors and make you feel most welcome.  The museum obviously has more than just aircraft so you can see watercraft as well including some very large amphibious vehicles.  There is also a rail section although that was being renovated while we were there and was closed off.

Since it is Army material in the museum, there are a lot of helicopters in the collection.  Some fixed wing aircraft are also included but the really unusual things are the concept vehicles that never got off the ground – so to speak!  Hover cars and research aircraft into vertical flight are included in the collection and make for an interesting sight.

One downside to the location is that the aircraft are housed under cover but with open sides.  This is fine for the visitor unless they like to take photographs.  If that is what you want, you will be fighting some harsh external lighting with subdues under cover lighting.  However, them’s the breaks!  The aircraft are in various states of restoration.  Some have been recently repainted while others are awaiting the funds to have their turn.  It is great to know that someone is taking care to make sure they are preserved.

If you find yourself up near Hampton and you have some spare time, pay them a visit.  It will certainly be an interesting diversion.


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