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Printing Things While Stuck At Home

I got lucky on the timing for one thing during this whole adventure.  I was sitting at home playing around with some images and decided I wanted to create a couple of prints.  One was a print of the hummingbirds from the back yard and the other was a poster I decided to make of a bunch of lifeboat shots from our visit to the UK last year.  My usual print outlet is Mpix so I created the files, uploaded them and sent the order.  A few days later a large package arrived on the porch.  Shortly before it arrived, I got a message from Mpix saying that they were suspending work as a result of the virus.  They are based in Kansas so I guess it took a while to get to them.  I am really happy with the prints and it reminded me of how much a physical print is better than looking at something on a screen.  I will have to print more when they are back up and running.

Tacoma Narrows Bridges

Ask any engineering student about famous bridges and the Tacoma Narrows has a great chance of coming up.  The original bridge failed pretty spectacularly due to aeroelastic issues.  It was replaced and the bridge has stood since without significant issues other than overcrowding.  Consequently, a second Bridge was added a few years ago.  The pair span the narrows and provide a roadway for the busy local traffic.

The hike around Point Defiance Park takes you out onto the overlooks the narrows and, as you move along the trail, you get differing views of the bridges.  The further south you get in the park, the clearer the view is of the whole span.  I grabbed a few shots of the water and the bridges and also shot some closer shots to make a pano when I got home.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

The arrival of some family members in Vancouver as part of a vacation gave us a reason to make a day trip up to the city.  It is a pretty easy run to get there so we were pleased to head up.  Since the visitors were on vacation, they were keen to explore different things so we decided to head across the Lions Gate Bridge and visit the suspension bridge at Capilano.  This was not something I had been aware of before we planned this.

The bridge has apparently been there for many years.  It is suspended across a deep valley with a river running through the bottom.  It is a very popular attraction and, while we headed there in the morning, we were certainly not alone.  The people that own the bridge have expanded the facilities to include a number of other attractions and these will get their own posts in the coming days.  However, this is just about the bridge.  As it covers quite a distance, the bridge has quite a drop between the ends and the middle.  This makes each end of it quite steep.  Combine that with the number of people crossing, the desire everyone has to look around/get some pictures, and the amount it moves around which unsettles the first-time user and it takes a while to get across.  It is interesting to see that the return journey is a bit quicker!

Being on the bridge gives you one perspective.  Looking down into the valley below is a different point of view.  At various other times, you get a chance to check the bridge out from a distance (when you see how long it is and how many people are on it at any one time) when it also seems rather dwarfed by the surroundings.  You even get to walk underneath it at one point and then it has a very different feel.  If you are spending any time in Vancouver, I do suggest you head to North Vancouver and check the bridge and its associated attractions out.

Lion’s Gate

B11I8691-Pano.jpgStanley Park may be a great place to explore but it is also bisected by a major road.  It cuts up through the park before getting on to a bridge to head across to North Vancouver.  This is called Lions Gate.  We stopped to check out the bridge as we were making our way around the park.  There is a viewing area just west of the bridge which we took a look at.  There were several viewing levels down the side of the hill.  It was amazing how many people never bothered to go down the steps from the top level to check out the different views.

B11I8699.jpgWe also wandered back along the road to the bridge that passes over the main highway.  Not only was there a view along the bridge but there were also some little sculptures of lions.  These seemed to mirror the larger ones down near the entrance to the suspension bridge but I kind of liked the little versions.  I met a couple of photographers at this location.  I had some thoughts about experimenting with a shot here but that will be another post.