Lion’s Gate

B11I8691-Pano.jpgStanley Park may be a great place to explore but it is also bisected by a major road.  It cuts up through the park before getting on to a bridge to head across to North Vancouver.  This is called Lions Gate.  We stopped to check out the bridge as we were making our way around the park.  There is a viewing area just west of the bridge which we took a look at.  There were several viewing levels down the side of the hill.  It was amazing how many people never bothered to go down the steps from the top level to check out the different views.

B11I8699.jpgWe also wandered back along the road to the bridge that passes over the main highway.  Not only was there a view along the bridge but there were also some little sculptures of lions.  These seemed to mirror the larger ones down near the entrance to the suspension bridge but I kind of liked the little versions.  I met a couple of photographers at this location.  I had some thoughts about experimenting with a shot here but that will be another post.


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