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The Chase is On!

Sometimes you find yourself in a position that yields a shot that you hadn’t anticipated.  Normally shooting stuff over a long distance doesn’t do much for you because atmospheric distortion means the shots are of no use.  However, sometimes the … Continue reading

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Creating Lens Profiles for Adobe Software

UPDATE:  It turns out, the upload process for the profile sends to an address that doesn’t work.  While I try to fix this, if you want the profiles to use, you can download them by clicking here. Within Adobe processing … Continue reading

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Camera Profiling

For all of my previous cameras I have created profiles.  When I got the new cameras I decided not to bother and to go with the profiles that are built in to Camera Raw/Lightroom.  This was working okay for a … Continue reading

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Aerodynamic Specialties

These days you will struggle to come across a car that has not undergone extensive aerodynamic optimization. Even those cars that look like they have deliberately avoided an aerodynamically efficient shape will actually have undergone considerable testing to make sure … Continue reading

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