Look Down on a Cloudy Day

While we had our friends in town, we asked what they wanted to do.  One of the things they had in mind was a trip up the Hancock Tower at the end of the day to see the city before and after sunset.  Sounded like a good plan.  We headed up that way with some time in hand and got to the ticket line.   It was quite short and we thought we were in luck.  However, a quick peek through the window to the line for the elevators revealed a different story.  The line was very long and there was no way we were going to be up the tower until long after the light had gone.

We decided to save this for another day.  Sadly, that day turned out to be the one with the best of the weather.  When you only have so much time at a place, you have to go with what you can get so we made a second trip.   This time a lot of the tourist had gone home after the holidays but the weather was more cloudy.  At least this made for a short line.

The view from the Hancock is a good one.  The light can be tricky since you spend a lot of time looking south but with more cloud that was less of an issue.  However, the cloud did obscure some things and the moisture in the air made it harder to see things in the distance.  There were still some nice things to see though so it was worth going up.  Just a shame we didn’t manage to be there when the conditions were at their best!

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