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Unusual Shaped Buildings in Vancouver

There area few buildings in Vancouver where the architects have been a little adventurous.  Some of them are visible from the shore as you walk around Stanley Park and I grabbed some photos from a distance.  There is one that is near the bridge as you drive towards Granville Island.  You can see part of it from the Island but a good view is on the road as you drive by.  I asked Nancy to try getting some shots as I was driving.  The tapered edge makes the building feel like it is hanging over the road.  Very interesting engineering!

Gull’s Crab Lunch Under Threat

As we walked along the shore trail in Stanley Park, we came up on a gull that had just caught a crab.  The gull was intent on eating the crab, as well you might imagine.  However, its lunch had also caught the attention of a bunch of crows (could hardly call them a murder).  Consequently, the gull was trying to find a way to avoid the crows and eat its food.  It was not going to escape them, of course.  Instead, it had to do the best it could and accept that they were going to get a few scraps.


Arriving Container Ship

Nancy and I were walking along the shore in Stanley Park in Vancouver during our visit over the Thanksgiving weekend.  As we got closer to the lighthouse, I saw the prow of a ship start to come into view.  A quick switch to video and I recorded the arrival of a container ship to the harbor.  Large vessels like that coming through a narrow entrance to a harbor look cool to me.  Once the harbor opens out a bit, it is just another large ship in open water so the scale is lost.  In that phase when it comes into view, though, it looks as substantial as it really is.  Get close and you are left in no doubt about these ships.


Vancouver Christmas Market

We took a trip up to Vancouver at the end of November.  They had set up their Christmas market near where we were staying and our hotel rate included tickets.  It was only open at peak times while we were there but I think the hours were expanding not long after our visit.  These markets are always interesting to walk around but they rarely have anything that I would actually want to buy – other than food and booze!  In this case, we were heading out to dinner with friends afterwards so we even skipped that side of things.  They are always a colorful and popular place so you can just enjoy watching everyone enjoying themselves and occasionally wonder at some of the strange things people will buy!

Lighthouse at Fort Rodd Hill

Playing catch up with some older topics today.  Our trip to Fort Rodd Hill made it on to the blog a long time ago but what I never got around to including was the lighthouse.  We walked down the hill from the fort to see the lighthouse.  We had been looking at it from the fort itself, but it was not a long walk to get down to the water and see where it was situated.

The entrance to the harbor will have been vital from the earliest days that the British established a navy base at Esquimalt.  This lighthouse would have guided generations of ships into the port.  I assume that it is now more symbolic than anything else.  The modern navigation systems will provide accurate guidance, but it is still a landmark.

Coast Guard Vessel

A Canadian Coast Guard boat was up on the shipyard being worked on while we were in Victoria.  A ship out of the water has a very different feel given how much it sits above you and the view of the area below the waterline.  It changes the scale of the vessel to my eye.  I’m not sure what work was being undertaken and wonder whether it is already back in service or not.

Hatley Castle

About half an hour from the center of Victoria BC is a large estate called Hatley Castle.  It is a pretty grand place in a lot of land.  Much of the land is now turned over to a university with the campus buildings spread out through the estate.  The old house is still there and I think it now an administrative building for the university.  I read that it is also used for a lot of filming work.

The house is quite impressive and there are also some formal gardens.  We wandered around the outside of the house and up the hill a little.  We could look over one of the gardens from the terrace area but it appeared the access to the gardens was restricted when we were there.  Not sure whether that was a COVID issue or just for work to be done.  The lawns slope down towards the sea and there is a nice view from the terrace.  It isn’t hard to see why someone chose to build their home there!

Pacific Fleet Home At Esquimalt

Across the water from Fort Rodd Hill is the Canadian naval base of Esquimalt.  This is the headquarters of the Pacific Fleet for the navy.  From where we were, you could see some of the ships in the harbor.  There were a few small patrol boats that were in use but the larger ships were tied up.

Ships Look Better From A Distance Part 2

A while back, I produced a post about the way in which ships look a lot rougher when up close compared to from a distance.  In that case, it was a Washington State Ferries vessel I was considering.  In the shipyard in Victoria that was across from where we were staying, there was a catamaran ferry undergoing work.  The bow of the ship was very close to the fence and you could see exactly the same thing.  The steelwork welds were easy to see at that range and remind you that these ships are heavy engineering.

Our Pet Gull

Our hotel room in Victoria was near to the top of the building.  The window was set into the roof line.  We had a flat space outside the window and it was popular with the local bird life.  On several occasions, we had a gull land on the space and stand there for a while.  It actually seemed interested in us rather than deterred by our presence.  No guarantee that it is the same bird but we started to feel like it was visiting us on a regular basis.