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Horseshoe Bay

Our trip to Nanaimo meant a ferry ride with BC Ferries.  Normally we end up going from Tsawwassen but, because reservations were already getting hard to find, we took the ferry from Horseshoe Bay.  It has been a while since I departed from there and I didn’t remember much about it.  The waiting area was rather busy and not the most relaxing spot to wait for a ferry.  However, once on the boat, we got a nice view of the bay and the surrounding coastline.  It was a rather picturesque spot.  Figured I would share some shots of it here.

The Rocks Above and Below the Waterline

Flying up Puget Sound on the approach to SEA, we came alongside the bottom end of Bainbridge Island at Restoration Point.  The shape of the rock strata at the point were very conspicuous from the air but, not only did the land show up well, the water was quite clear and the shapes of the rocks below the surface showed up clearly too.  Not surprisingly, they were a continuation of the shapes above the water level.  The continuity really appealed to me as we rapidly passed it by.  The shapes combined with the colors of the water and, presumably, the algae that grow on the rocks looked very interesting.

Rocky Point Restaurant

A favorite of ours for a while has been the Rocky Point Restaurant.  Located on Pacific Coast Highway, it is not the greatest restaurant but it is so well located, you can forgive it many things.  On our trip this time, we just stopped off for a drink rather than a meal.  This proved to be a great idea because we we could wander down to the lower terrace to enjoy our drinks and watch the whales swim past.  We first came here years ago when I was taken on a corporate event which included dinner here.  Once we knew about it, we came back on a few occasions.  These shots just show what a great place it is to hang out.

It’s Cloudy Out at the Coast

AE7I9380.jpgThe weather over Sonoma was absolutely gorgeous when we were out on the photo flight (when isn’t the weather great in Sonoma?).  While we were orbiting over the county awaiting the second aircraft to come up to shoot, I was looking out towards the coast.  There was a lot more cloud that was hanging over the coastline with the sun still above it.  With the door open and a long lens on one body, I figured I should get a few shots of the coastline.  It looked gorgeous from where we were.


Ano Nuevo Coastline

wpid10900-C59F1843.jpgWhile the elephant seals are the reason for our visit to Ano Nuevo, the coastline there is very attractive itself. When we first got there, it was quite overcast and everything was a little flat. As we started to head back to the center, the clouds broke up and the sun illuminated the coastline. As you can see, it is a great looking place and really not too far from the city.