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Sketchy A350 Paint Job?

I shot this Singapore A350 landing at Haneda in January of 2020.  When I was reviewing the shots, I saw something odd on the roof.  At first I thought it was markings for rescue areas but it really didn’t look that good.  I am wondering whether the original paint job was pretty shoddy and the paint is peeling off.  It doesn’t look good to me.

Is Shooting in the Rain a Good Idea?

It might be sometimes, but this was probably not one of them.  The forecast was for wind and rain which was suggesting that SFO would be using reversed operations to normal.  I thought it might be worth a shot.  The rain was obviously a concern but I was hopeful, as I have been in the past, that it might make for some interesting shots.  I had underestimated just how wet it was though.

The cloud base was very low.  The jets landing on 19 were barely visible until they rolled out.  The ones taking off were also heavily obscured.  The rain was really making things difficult to see and a lot of adjustment in post is necessary to get anything.  Only one jet seemed to perform well for me.  The Singapore A350 must have gone in a gap in the conditions and it seemed to be the one that was cleanest when I looked at the shots.  I won’t give up on things like this but I know the odds are not great.

Finally Shooting an A350

B11I2427.jpgThe Airbus A350 has been in service for a while.  The first examples entered service in late 2015 and, indeed, I saw one at Heathrow in my last visit there.  However, I hadn’t had a chance to shoot one until recently.  Singapore Airlines introduced a direct flight to SFO using the A350 and the first flight used their aircraft that had been recently delivered from Airbus as the 10,000th aircraft that Airbus delivered.  I wrote a piece about it for Global Aviation Resource which you can see here.  It was early arrival for the jet but it was good to finally shoot one, even if the light was not ideal.