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The Rarity That is an Aerostar

I keep spoiling Pete with some of his favorites.  I hope he appreciates this one.  You don’t see a lot of Piper Aerostars about.  It is a quite unusual aircraft, apparently designed originally for possible conversion to a jet in … Continue reading

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Scott’s Clipper

The trip to photograph Eric’s Clipper that I described here included a bonus (as if the flight wasn’t bonus enough).  Eric had talked to another Clipper owner, Scott, and he had brought his plane across to Sonoma.  Scott is not … Continue reading

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Eric’s Clipper

Eric Presten is a guy who spends his career photographing other people’s aircraft.  He is not so often the subject of the photo.  Dave Leininger was writing an article on Piper Clippers and wanted some shots of Eric’ aircraft to … Continue reading

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Farewell Alan

This is a short but sad post.  I read the sad news of the death of Alan Purwin.  Alan was a pilot and entrepreneur who was involved in many fields but was well known for his working in filming movies … Continue reading

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Flying With Pete

My relative Pete is the sort of friend I was destined to have.  Pete likes lots of fun things but at the heart of it for him (aside from his family of course) is flying.  Pete has been flying all … Continue reading

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You can’t cover Oshkosh this year without mentioning the Piper Cub.  This year was the 75th anniversary of the Piper Cub and they came to the fly-in en masse.  There was a mass arrival the weekend before the show started … Continue reading

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Some Ski Plane Video

In the previous post I talked about the trip to Oshkosh for the ski plane fly-in.  While I was mainly taking stills on this trip, I did also take the GoPro with me for the occasional bit of video.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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