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Condor New (ish) Fin Markings

The collapse of Thomas Cook meant that the German subsidiary, Condor, has gone it alone.  The fleet had a tail marking that reflected the parent company but, with their demise, they are now adopting a tail design that is back to their own branding.  I saw one of the new tails on this 767 arriving at SeaTac shortly before a BA 777 that I was waiting for because I was picking up the skipper.  Below is what it used to look like (albeit in nicer light).

SeaTac Widebody Evening Arrivals

I was out one evening awaiting the arrival of something that currently escapes my memory.  In the meantime, I was in position to get the arrival of a few widebodies.  Since SeaTac tends to put the widebodies on the inner runway, they are the ones you can get from this park location while almost everything else (plus the occasional wide body!) goes to the outer runway behind you and through the trees.

On this evening, we had four widebodies come in.  Condor brought their regular 767 flight.  This were joined by an Air China Cargo Boeing 747-400F, a FedEx 777F and last but by no means least, a British Airways 747-400.  The evening light was very favorable and this location is both easily accessible and pretty good for this approach.

My Rainier Arrivals

I was picking up someone from SeaTac just before Christmas.  The flight was due in just before sunset so I took the camera along just in case.  I was out by the outer runway approach path but the heavies were coming in to the inner runway.  This meant they passed nicely in front of Mt Rainer – assuming you can ignore the 60 odd miles distance to the mountain.  First in was a Condor 767 which still had plenty of evening light on it as it landed.

Next up was a British Airways 777.  It arrived as the light was fading fast.  It still had a bit of illumination but you knew anything following it would be in the gloom.  Being winter, there was virtually no distortion in the atmosphere, which, given the distance was a potential problem.  Things looked pretty sharp in the final images.

Hiller Aviation Museum

wpid12592-C59F2947.jpgI took a trip to the Hiller Aviation Museum recently. The trip was to see a speaker who was appearing there and that will be part of another post. However, I did have a good look around the museum while I was there. Located on San Carlos Airport, I have been to the museum a few times in the past when I was visiting the area for work but I hadn’t been since we moved west. My buddy, Hayman, is a volunteer there so I have no excuse for not having been recently!

wpid12584-C59F2880-Edit.jpgA few things have changed since I was last there. The SST mockup has now gone freeing up some space for other exhibits. This post isn’t a comprehensive review of all that is there. It is more a focus on some of the things that caught my eye while I was walking around. One item I have to mention is the Boeing Condor unmanned vehicle. It is a cool thing to see but, since it is so large, it is squashed in amongst all of the other exhibits. I decided that I should try and get something to show it in all its glory. There was a balcony which would have had a better angle but that was restricted to some simulation experience. Instead, I decided to try a pano approach instead. It came outs reasonably well although taking out some of the distortion in post processing was necessary.

wpid12588-C59F2915-Edit.jpgI had another go at a pano with the interior of the Albatross. It is a lovely looking aircraft with a great interior which is visible through the side door so getting too much of a shot of the inside was hard to do. A pano gives a bit more of a feel for the layout in there. It looks like a nice plane to take around the world!

wpid12586-C59F2898.jpgThe museum is great and the gift shop is pretty cool too. I have to admit a model helicopter left with me and now sits on my desk. It is an AW101 in Canadian rescue colors and looks pretty sharp!