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American 767s Have Gone

Another airline retiring another type.  This used to be an occasional topic on the blog but the massive reductions in airline service means I could probably almost pick one a day.  In this case it is American Airlines and the Boeing 767.  The 757s have also been grounded but they are not definitely retired yet so we’ll wait for a while.  Of course, by the time this post hits the page, that might have changed!

The 767-200 fleet went away a while back but I am going to include them here.  The 767-300s have been around until now.  I didn’t travel in them very much but have made the occasional trip.  I think I took one from Chicago to Manchester in the UK and definitely had a ride from SFO to JFK once.  There have probably been other times that I don’t now recall.  It has been quite a while since I was a regular with American.

All that aside, the fleet is now done.  Some may find a second life – possibly as freighters – but probably the majority will end up being parted out.  We might suddenly find 767 parts are not as in need as they were until recently but there is still a sizable fleet of freighters and there are still in production so maybe there is some value.

Never Heard of 21Air Before

One Saturday morning, I was scanning what was moving around the Seattle area and saw a Boeing 767-200 coming to SeaTac, operated by 21Air.  I had never heard of this operator before and the picture online made the jet look like it was painted more interestingly than the average freighter.  I figured I would pop down to get some shots, even though the conditions were not great.  The light actually perked up a bit when the jet arrived so the results were better than I hoped.  I asked a buddy about the operator and he, having never seen them before, was actually looking at two of their jets in LA.  I wonder why they are suddenly on the west coast.

ABX 767 in White

I’ve taken so long to write this post that it has been expanded.  I got an ABX 767 freighter coming in to SeaTac one time in overcast conditions.  I had been meaning to write about it for a while but other topics had seemed more appropriate to cover first.  Then, while out hunting for an MD-11F, I happened to have another example fly over me as I was parking up.  (This one is an ABX jet but they are a common fleet.)  The camera was to hand so I was able to get some shots for almost directly beneath.  I guess this was the trigger for me to finally write the post!

One of the Bigger Corporate Jets

B11I9345.jpgThere are plenty of types of corporate jets.  However, some organizations (or individuals) decide that what they really need is something a little larger.  How about a Boeing 767-200?  This one was shooting an approach to SFO.  The owner is listed as Blue Sky Holdings.  Who are they you wonder?  Who can say?  They do fly in and out of Moffett Field though and that is owned by quite a large company.  Maybe there is a connection?  Maybe not?

B11I9379.jpgEither way, it was a cool thing to see pop into the viewfinder one afternoon.  Sometimes, you just get lucky.  I also like the registration that they have for the jet.  N2767 is not bad for a 767-200.  Apart from that, the jet is pretty anonymous.  You certainly can’t guess anything about it from the outside.  I wonder what it looks like inside?