One of the Bigger Corporate Jets

B11I9345.jpgThere are plenty of types of corporate jets.  However, some organizations (or individuals) decide that what they really need is something a little larger.  How about a Boeing 767-200?  This one was shooting an approach to SFO.  The owner is listed as Blue Sky Holdings.  Who are they you wonder?  Who can say?  They do fly in and out of Moffett Field though and that is owned by quite a large company.  Maybe there is a connection?  Maybe not?

B11I9379.jpgEither way, it was a cool thing to see pop into the viewfinder one afternoon.  Sometimes, you just get lucky.  I also like the registration that they have for the jet.  N2767 is not bad for a 767-200.  Apart from that, the jet is pretty anonymous.  You certainly can’t guess anything about it from the outside.  I wonder what it looks like inside?

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  1. Bob Laws Are For Little People

    I recall reading a few years ago that one of the founders/owners of Google had his own B767 that he made arrangements with NASA to keep at Moffett Field. At the time it created a bit of an uproar in that Moffett was (and perhaps still is) a Government owned facility for Government/Military aircraft. It also turned out that NASA was selling the 767 operators fuel at government contract rates, which was quite a bit below regular commercial rates. NASA tried to justify the special treatment of this Google Oligarch by saying NASA was going to fit the jet with some obscure scientific sensors, making the jet a research aircraft. Of course it never happened.


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