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Westjet Charter Arrival

Mark and I were on the south side of Vancouver when a Westjet plane came in.  No big deal there but this flight was a charter operation so, instead of heading to the main terminal area, it came straight to us.  They taxied straight to us where the passengers were quickly dropped off.  The crew then turned the jet around promptly and taxied back out for departure.  It was an efficient delivery and a slightly different location to see an airliner being operated.

WestJet and the House of Mouse

AE7I0543.jpgPromotional paint schemes are not uncommon – particularly with certain airlines.  Alaska has a bunch of them.  This one was a new one for me.  WestJet, a Canadian airline, seems to have a marketing tie up with Disney too.  They have painted a 737 up in an all-over shame that certainly gets your attention, if only to wonder what on earth it is.  I was pleasantly surprised to catch it having had no idea it was on its way.