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Putting Your Boat in the Water

While walking along the shore in Edmonds, we passed the marina and the loading area for the boats.  They had a boat lift for the smaller boats to be taken off trailers and put in the water.  A guy brought … Continue reading

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Roche Harbor

Roche Harbor used to be a lime production site.  A couple of the old lime kilns are still in place although no longer operational.  However, now the focus has been on transforming it in to a tourist and residential destination.  … Continue reading

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I stopped off at Coyote Point in the Bay for a short while.  It hasn’t been so long since I was last there so the new addition I saw must have occurred pretty recently.  It appears that someone has had … Continue reading

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Marina City

When you live in a city that has a bunch of recognizable landmarks, you start out by taking a lot of pictures of them.  After a while, you figure that you have done all of that and move on.  However, … Continue reading

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