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Sunrise and Moonset

We live to the east of some hills that border the San Francisco Bay area. On a number of occasions when I have been heading to the bay, I have seen the moon setting over the hills and thought that … Continue reading

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Super Moon (?)

A lot has been made of super moon events recently. While they have garnered a lot of attention, in truth the moon has been only fractionally larger than normal. Catching the moon low to the horizon will magnify it far … Continue reading

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Moonrise and Sunset

An evening flight out of SeaTac was my way home on a recent trip. We were due to take off after sunset so I hadn’t anticipated having the camera out. As we taxied out, the sunset looked pretty nice and … Continue reading

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Crescent Moon

You see the moon more when you commute.  Each morning and evening you make the trip to and from work and spend some time outside.  Therefore, while your window on the outside world is relatively restricted, you are forced outside … Continue reading

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It only seems appropriate that I should follow a sun posting with one about the moon.  Having lived for the last ten years in a place that faced east, I was used to seeing the moon appear and then progress … Continue reading

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The One That Got Away

No photo to show here.  This is about one that didn’t happen.  I was driving back towards the city just after sunset.  The Kennedy Expressway runs east towards the city away from O’Hare for a while and the line of … Continue reading

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Glorious Cheating!

The moon was supposed to be at its biggest recently. I was all ready to head down to the lakefront and get some shots as it rose and the atmosphere magnified it to the greatest extent possible. However, as the … Continue reading

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Shooting the Moon!

While out at the lakefront with the guys earlier in the week, the moon had risen near the planetarium (appropriately enough!).  I had been traveling light to that shoot so hadn’t taken any long lenses to get that shot.  However, … Continue reading

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Making the new site work

So, I have finally taken the plunge and moved the old version of the website offline and transferred to the new version.  I immediately notice that my two trial posts when the site was in beta seem to be in … Continue reading

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