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Diamond DA62

AU0E0676.jpgI was actually looking for something else when I headed to Livermore.  An interesting aircraft had come to the field from Denver and a friend had given me a heads up about it.  I went over to see if I could see it.  As it turned out, the tail was just visible in a hangar across the field but there was nothing much to see.  I decided to hang around for a short while before heading home.

AU0E0620.jpgAs I was wandering along the fence line, a light twin came in to land.  I got some shots as it landed and could read the DA62 logo on the aircraft.  This is Diamond’s newest product and this appears to be the first example to show up in the US.  I had just been reading the flight test on it in Flight International.  It turns out the wife of the pilot was standing nearby.  They were due to head off but we chatted for a while about their training operations and now the role of distributor for the type.

AU0E0470.jpgThe DA62 has a change for Diamond in that it can be painted in colors.  Previously, the airframes were white and all you could do was add stripes to customize them.  They have done something new with the composites and this example was in a really nice metallic gray finish.  They soon loaded up and headed out.  This is a cool plane and a comfortable seven-seater.  If you are in the market, give these guys a call!

Diamond Head Hike

Just beyond Waikiki in Honolulu rises the remains of an extinct volcano.  Diamond Head is the most obvious geological feature in the vicinity of the city and is a famous landmark.  The crater (not such to be honest whether it counts as a crater or caldera but who is keeping score?) is home to a park.  You can drive in to the park through a tunnel and then park up to climb to the top.

We took the advice of the guide books and went early in the day.  Given how hot we got, I hate to think what those who went later in the day and had the midday sun to deal with felt like.  It is quite an exertion.  I don’t consider myself an athlete but I am not too out of shape either.  This was quite a climb.  There is a trail that is well maintained and the final stages include several flights of stairs – some quite steep.

When we reached the top, we were both pretty relieved to be there.  It was worth it since the view across the city was very good.  We enjoyed it a lot and anyone who suggests that our extended viewing was an excuse to take a rest can’t prove anything.  The trip down was a lot better than the climb up!