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Is Alresford Too Pretty To Be Real?

A short distance from Winchester is the little town of Alresford.  I had flown over it as a youngster but had never actually visited and, when our friends suggested it as a good place to meet up while we were visiting, we went with their suggestion.  The center of the town is quite picturesque but some of the older parts of the town are just too like a postcard to be credible.  The oldest buildings include some down by the river where the old mill was.  As you walked along the path by the water, it was hard to believe that some of these buildings hadn’t been created by a set designer for a period drama.  This was a theme for our whole visit with so many villages with postcard-like houses.

Old School Movie Theater

Downtown Chelan is not a big area but it has been around for a while and so has its movie theater.  This theater has a look that is exactly what you would imagine for an oldie time movie theater.  Having lots of cars parked up in front of it kind of ruins the ambience a bit and, if I had been around another time, I might have tried to find a way to get a cleaner shot of it at an odd time of day but this was just a brief opportunity to stroll around the town so it is what it is.


We went to a bunch of villages in East Anglia that were picturesque but one was almost too much to be real.  I have been to Lavenham before – I went in the early 90s when visiting a friend who was living in the area at the time – but I have to admit I didn’t recall much about it and when we got there, I wondered how I could have forgotten.  It seems that the entire village is made up of buildings that were constructed by a film set designer.

Half timbered building abound.  They are all really old but well maintained.  Multiple colors are used to decorate the walls which I assume are probably made of some vintage materials.  Building construction in those days used to use a lot of straw mixed with “binding agents” of a less than delightful origin.  You don’t know that once they are done and I assume any more modern repairs make use of more pleasant ingredients.  The age of the buildings also shows in the way that there doesn’t appear to be a right angle in the place.  Everything is at odd angles.  It really is something special.

It is not hard to understand why tourists will visit the place.  It is just what someone from overseas would imagine an English village to be.  I certainly won’t so easily forget it this time.  Not sure how I did before!

American’s 737s in the Old Scheme

AU0E7717.jpgWhen American introduced their new colors, there was uproar.  The criticism was plentiful.  I seemed to be in a very small group of people that actually quite liked the look that they had gone for.  Having been a regular customer over a number of years, I had grown tired of what I thought was a dated look.  Over time I think people have calmed down about the change and now I don’t hear too much mention of it.

QB5Y7098.jpgAs more of the fleet gets repainted, I now notice more when I see a jet still in the old scheme (except MD-80s which obviously are not going to be repainted given their imminent demise).  I have come across a few of the 737-800 jets recently in the metal finish.  Here are some of them before they finally disappear for good.

AU0E6056.jpg CRW_1500.jpg

Port Townsend

B11I8274.jpgThe great thing about old towns is that they have interesting buildings.  (They sometimes have interesting people too but that is a separate issue.)  Port Townsend was a funky little town to look around.  As a port, it has been around for a while and obviously was quite a thriving location.  The grand design features of the buildings show that there was plenty of cash around when they were built.  If you head up the hill you come to the town hall which is pretty impressive itself so the town has obviously been a center of things for a while.

B11I8296.jpgIn the heart of the town, the buildings are of a similar style but are showing their individuality.  Getting shots of them is a little inhibited by the excessive number of power lines that are strung along the streets.  It would be nice to not have those there but nothing much I can do about that.  I imagine plenty of people wouldn’t notice them but they are the sort of thing that really catches my eye.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned it.  You might not have noticed them but now I have said something, they will be conspicuous to you too!

B11I8264.jpgThere seemed to be plenty of activity in Port Townsend.  Lots of shops and restaurants with plenty of variety so I assume that the area is going to be okay.  Having lots going on means that a cool town center is likely to survive and thrive.  That is good news.

80s Airliners

Scan 2-1427.jpgIn previous posts I have talked about the program I am going through the scan all of my old negatives and transparencies.  It is a far speedier process than I used to use but it is still pretty time consuming and I am about a third of the way through the collection.  It will depend on how many rainy weekend days I get as to how quickly I go through them.  Something I am discovering as I go is that I have a variety of shots I had completely forgotten about.  Over the years I have gone through the sheets of negatives from various aviation events that I wanted shots from.  I was pretty familiar with what was there.  What I hadn’t realized was that my old film days would often include two or three shots of an aviation topic in amongst a bunch of other shots.

Scan 2-1433.jpgI have been coming across all sorts of shots, both civil and military that I had forgotten about.  The majority of them are airliners, some of which are types now out of service and occasionally airlines that don’t exist anymore.  Old 747-100s, some early Airbuses, 727 and 737-200, the occasional Ilyushin and even a Shorts Belfast show up.  Needless to say there are some appearances by Concorde too.

Scan 2-1202.jpgA combination of poor technique, less than ideal conditions and some less than pristine negatives means that these shots are not going to be gracing the walls any time soon.  However, they are an interesting reminder of things that have gone.  I wish I had more comprehensive coverage of the time but I actually didn’t take that many pictures at that time.  A tad disappointing but I can’t change it now.

USAirways is Going

wpid12865-QB5Y2504.jpgThe merger of American Airlines and USAirways is now getting close to the point where the two airlines become one. A lot of the USAirways aircraft and undergoing the repainting process to the colors of the combined airline. It won’t be too long before they have all gone and another airline’s colors will be consigned to history. Given that there is enthusiasm for retro schemes, some will remain. However, I thought I would have a little retrospective of some USAirways planes.

wpid12887-AU0E7805.jpgThere are two liveries that dominate the shots I have. I flew on USAirways in the 90s but don’t have much to show of the colors that they had then (or the US Air name!). They have a big fleet so the transition won’t be instant but it will suddenly occur to me that the old colors aren’t showing up any more. In advance of that time, here are some samples of the old colors.