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Cars With Fins

When it comes to classic American cars, I know next to nothing.  I didn’t grow up with them and I haven’t studied them since so put me in amongst a bunch of these cars as was the case for the Exotics@RTC Classics event and I will just focus on what I think looks cool.  These cars could be the rarest of items or the thing you could see at any local car meet and I wouldn’t be any the wiser.  The only clue to me that they could be a significant vehicle would be that a huge crowd of people was hanging around them.

The Classics Day certainly did bring out any number of cool looking old vehicles.  To be honest, some of them don’t even look that great to my eye but they are of an era and show where car design was at that time.  They might be chunky and huge but that was what cars were like back then.  Others have some more interesting styling features like the fins I mention in the title to this post.  That is something that I would previously have found rather crass but, as the time has passed, it is now more of a cool styling cue.

I know quite a few people that are petrol heads that will recognize these vehicles and possibly their years.  The only way I would identify them was if the name was written on the side – which it usually is – or if the owner has a sheet in the window with details of the vehicle and its history.  That will be plenty for me anyway.  Hope some of these chunky or swoopy shapes appeal to you.

Old School Movie Theater

Downtown Chelan is not a big area but it has been around for a while and so has its movie theater.  This theater has a look that is exactly what you would imagine for an oldie time movie theater.  Having lots of cars parked up in front of it kind of ruins the ambience a bit and, if I had been around another time, I might have tried to find a way to get a cleaner shot of it at an odd time of day but this was just a brief opportunity to stroll around the town so it is what it is.

Gathering of Cowboys

Quite a while back I posted some shots from the Fort Worth Stockyards.  In that post, I mentioned that there was a gathering of cowboys taking place but I have been a bit lax in following up with a post about that.  Many of the cowboys were dressed pretty much as you might imagine a cowboy would be.  A couple looked a little more unusual.  One guy was wandering around in a very large and heavy looking fur coat.  I don’t know what type of fur it was and I didn’t get a good shot of him because I didn’t want to look too obvious.

I may have lived in the US a long time but there are still plenty of things that catch me off guard.  Dressing as cowboys is one of them.  It is something that I don’t often think of as being a current thing.  It feels like people dressing up rather than dressing as they always do for their lifestyle.  It is no different to any other form of dress but it still catches me out.  I was once in Las Vegas for some meetings and the hotel I was staying in had a lot of people there for a large rodeo competition.  I was amazed by how similarly everyone was dressed.  That is what happens with many styles of clothing but it did seem strange to me at the time.  Anyway, here are some of the cowboys at their gathering.

UW Campus

The cherry blossoms were the reason for us visiting the campus of the University of Washington as I covered in a previous post.  Since we were there and it was a lovely day, we also figured a bit more of the campus was worth a look.  We strolled around for a while and checked out the different styles of building that make up the university.

There is a wide variety of building types.  The oldest buildings are generally pretty nice looking.  Some of the most recent ones are also architecturally interesting.  There was some Art Deco to see and then there is a bleaker phase.  UW is a bit like other campuses I have seen.  There is a phase of concrete and plain brick.  This style was very much of its time but sadly, I don’t find it has stood the test of time too well.  The concrete particularly is harsh with the style having been to avoid making any effort to finish the surface.  They just poured at different times and the joins are left to see.  It probably seemed like a good idea at the time but I don’t care for it.  I’m sure in architecture classes they still discuss its merits but it’s not for me.

Leavenworth – How Did I Not Foresee This?

After our trip to Roslyn, we decided to cut north towards Leavenworth.  I had heard about this town before although I hadn’t researched it at all.  It is famous for being in the style of a Bavarian town.  All of the buildings are styled like a Bavarian building and the town takes the theme everywhere.  Starbucks and McDonalds have their signs in a similar style!

While we were there, on a sunny summer’s day, the streets were busy and entertainment was being provided.  Some dancers had just finished up when we arrived but a band was playing on the bandstand with the sort of oompah music you might have expected.  They were pretty good too.

What I had not thought through is what sort of town this would be.  I grew up in tourist areas and have lived in others since.  I should have realized what the town would include.  Every building does look German but inside they are either an eatery or they are selling the amazing quantities of crap that you only find in tourist traps.  It was shop after shop full of rubbish.  We very quickly realized that there wasn’t too much to see but there were large crowds of people to get through to not see anything.  Time for a swift exit.  There was the museum of nutcrackers but, since I find them a creepy looking item at the best of times, that was not going to be the place for me!