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I Guess The Lake Level Is Down Now

Lake Chelan is a really deep body of water.  According to some charts I saw, it is about 1,600’ to the very bottom at its deepest point.  The water level does seem to fluctuate a bit.  When I was walking along the shore at the resort, there were some swimming rafts.  One was in the water but another was up on the land.  I then realized that the jetties were a long way above the water surface and, what I thought was just a sandy area, was actually a beach.

I assume the run off from the winter melts results in the water level increasing.  There is also a power plant at the end of the lake so that can control the water level.  At this early time of year, there is no pressure to have the water too high.  You can easily see where it is supposed to be in peak season, though.  Given how big a lake it is, that is quite a lot of water to bring the level up that much.  I doubt I shall be back in the summer but maybe I will see it as it is at its peak at some point.

Old School Movie Theater

Downtown Chelan is not a big area but it has been around for a while and so has its movie theater.  This theater has a look that is exactly what you would imagine for an oldie time movie theater.  Having lots of cars parked up in front of it kind of ruins the ambience a bit and, if I had been around another time, I might have tried to find a way to get a cleaner shot of it at an odd time of day but this was just a brief opportunity to stroll around the town so it is what it is.

Second Go At Chelan Falls

A few years back, we made a trip across the North Cascades Highway and back across Stevens Pass.  One of the stops on that route was Chelan Falls.  I was hoping to get photos of the falls but they were hard to see and the sun was backlighting them anyway.  I still had a post about it but there wasn’t a huge amount to show for it.  Work recently took me to Chelan and I figured I would try finding another view on the falls after the conference day was done.

Looking at Google Maps, there was a road that ran alongside the gorge that the river was flowing through.  This road was confusingly named Gorge Road!  It was not a paved road but it was actually a very smooth dirt surface.  What was more intimidating about it was that it had some very steep drop-offs at the edge with a long drop below them!

I was able to see some of the river areas from the road but, being so far above it, meant things were rather distant.  I could also get an oblique view of the lower falls and the bridge across them.  It was a lovely sunny late afternoon so a nice time to be out and about with the camera.  It was also a bit warmer than on our side of the mountains so a good time to explore.

Chelan Riverwalk

The hotel where my conference was taking place was down by the bottom of the lake in Chelan.  I decided to have a stroll one evening and, as soon as I came out of the hotel, I saw signs for a Riverwalk.  It wasn’t a long walk but it took me down one side of the river, over a bridge, back up the other side and then another bridge back to where I had started.  There were a few people out and about but it was still pretty quiet.

There was a small park area along the river with a pavilion.  I’m not sure what sort of events they hold there in the peak season but it would seem like a nice spot to hang out and watch performers doing their thing.  They also had some elevated boardwalk sections.  With the water level so low, these were a long way above the water but I imagine they are quite close when the water is at its peak.

They had installed some art work along one side of the river.  There was a sculpture about wolves and salmon which related to Native American stories of why the lake doesn’t have salmon.  They also had boards of the bodies in the solar system spaced out along the river in proportion to their distance from the sun.  I imagine the whole area gets very busy during the summer but it was a nice spot to stroll while visiting in March!