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Vietnam Memorial B-52G Is Complete

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial has been under construction for a while including the restoration of the B-52G, Midnight Express that spent many years outside at Paine Field.  The opening ceremony took place over the Memorial Day weekend and I went along to check it out.  I wrote an article for GAR about the ceremony and, if you want to read that, you can see it here.

The article includes most of the good images from the event so I won’t duplicate it all here but instead I shall just post a couple of shots that summarize what happened.


I Am Liking the A350

When I first saw images of the A350, I did not think much of its looks.  The nose profile seemed odd and I was disappointed.  However, something about it has got to me.  I have been seeing a lot more of them in service recently and something about the jet in person is appealing.  It doesn’t hurt that a few of the airlines I have seen have interesting liveries.

Narita seems to be a popular destination for the type and I got to see examples from Delta, Thai and Vietnam Airlines while I was there.  Deliveries have really ramped up now so it will not be long before I am seeing them regularly.  Asiana has been using it to SeaTac for a while and China Airlines is bringing them in to Vancouver.  Good that I like them since I will be seeing a lot more of them.  Now I need to fly in one to see what it is like as a passenger.

The Wrong Vietnam Jet

While at Haneda, I saw a Vietnam Airbus A350 on approach.  I think their livery is a great change from the bland look of most airlines.  Unfortunately, it was a long way off so not something I could get a good shot of.  When I was waiting to head home at Narita, the Vietnam A350parked at the gate right in front of me.  Hurrah?  Nope.  It was a Skyteam special so was a rather less interesting silver scheme.  Still better than average but disappointing compared to what it could have been.

Veterans’ service

With Veterans’ Day upon us, the city of Chicago held a service at the Vietnam War Memorial.  This is located just across the river from me and, when I saw that something was being set up, I went across to see.  It is the fiftieth anniversary of the Vietnam War and there are additional elements of remembrance that are associated with that.

The mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel was speaking at the event as was an alderman who served with the Marines in Vietnam.  It was not a huge event but there were plenty of people there and it was all done in a very classy yet personal way.  All of the services were represented and there were many veterans in the crowd as well.  I am certainly glad I found out it was going on.