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AirEuropa to the Sun

This example is not going to get me to the sun from Seattle.  It will head to Europe before it starts transporting passengers.  I saw it during test flying activities as it flew approaches to Paine Field.  The sun was out but the skies were stormy so it made quite a dramatic sight as it bashed the pattern at Everett.

They even were kind enough to fly a missed approach the first time to get a different view of the jet.  Then it was around the pattern and back in for a second approach, this time landing.  The dark sky background was only in the direction of the approach so the roll out shots were far less dramatic.


Skies With Menace

This time of year can get a bit stormy.  We had some interesting skies rolling across the city with cloud layers heading in different directions at different heights.  I thought a time lapse might be good for this so had a go at a couple.  The sky didn’t turn into anything too dramatic in the end but it is still fun to watch the way the levels were moving.  Here is a clip of what there was.