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Building an America’s Cup Challenger

Ineos is a name I hadn’t heard until recently.  They took over the Sky cycling team and that was the first time I became aware of them.  I guess that sporting achievements are something that their management are quite focused on because, while waiting to catch the ferry at Portsmouth, I got a look at the building in these photos.  It is their America’s Cup challenger facility.  The building looks pretty impressive and I hope that the boat that they come up with is similarly so.  It would be good to see the cup make its way to the UK after all this time.

Fastnet Race Start in the 90s

We recently had the 40th anniversary of the Fastnet race that ended up with a significant loss of life and boats.  Weather forecasting technology and the methods of communicating were very different forty years ago and some of the boats were ill-suited to open water racing of that nature.  Growing up in Cowes, the Fastnet race was always a big deal.  It was every other year as part of the Admiral’s Cup.  Some of my school friends got to crew on it.  I watched the start of one of the races when we still lived in the UK and I scanned in some of the shots I got that day.  The start was always frantic.  Boats are jockeying for position, often very close to shore.  Lots of shouting goes on.  With a good wind, big sailing boats look so cool to me.

Sailing Across the Bay on a Windy Day

B11I0652.jpgPlenty of my times alongside San Francisco Bay are airplane or wildlife related.  You do get to see lots of other things on the bay, though, and on a windy day the sailing is definitely worth a look.  Having grown up in a sailing town, I do love to watch sailing, even if I never got into sailing myself.  A lot of boats were out on this day.  I don’t know whether they were racing officially or just were out testing each other but they were certainly getting some speed on.  Watching the sails full of air with the boat healing over dramatically and making good speed is really cool.

Breaking up the Wreck

AE7I4290.jpgA little while ago I posted a picture of a sailing boat that had wrecked on the breakwater at the marina on Coyote Point.  The next time I was back there, I guess I had timed things well.  The boat had been pulled ashore and a guy was busy breaking it up.  He used the front scoop of a backhoe to break the hull up.  Obviously it was beyond rescue.  He would pull sections off and then drop them in a dumpster.  As he broke it up, more of the interior would be visible.  The fiberglass is quite flexible so he had to work to actually break it sometimes.  However, there was only going to be one winner in this contest.

AE7I4306.jpg AE7I4301.jpg


AE7I0448.jpgI stopped off at Coyote Point in the Bay for a short while.  It hasn’t been so long since I was last there so the new addition I saw must have occurred pretty recently.  It appears that someone has had a little incident with their sailing boat.  I don’t know whether they had a problem making it into the channel to the marina or whether the boat broke loose from a mooring somewhere else in the bay.  Whatever the origin, it is now lying on the rocks just outside the marina.  I didn’t get closer to see how bad the damage is but I am guessing that it is not in great shape!

Sailing with a Wing

AU0E4271.jpgAs we were driving along the harbor in San Diego, I saw something odd in the marina area. We doubled back and found somewhere to park so I could investigate further. It was a sailing boat which had an airfoil style of mast as opposed to a normal mast with rigging for sails. The wing section appeared to be in multiple parts which, I imagine, would provide a greater degree of control. Since the boat was moored, we didn’t see it in action so I have no idea how well it performs but it certainly looked pretty interesting.


Biggest Sailing Boat

IMG_2560-Edit.jpgFrom where we were staying on Coronado, we could see some boats moored up on the San Diego side of the bay. One of them appeared to have a very large mast. When we took the ferry across to go for dinner, we ended up coming in past this boat. It was a huge vessel with a phenomenal mast. I only had the phone but compiled this pano from a couple of shots from the ferry. There was no way to get the mast in the shot too. I looked the boat up afterwards. It is apparently the largest single-masted sailing boat ever built. (It appears to have been built not far from where I grew up!) It used to be available for charter operations but now seems to be privately owned. It is called M5 and you can see more about it here if you are interested. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirabella_V