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Gehrke Windmill Garden

Heading out of Grand Coulee took me through a town imaginatively named Electric City.  I had done a little Googling before making the trip and one of the things I saw in the area was the Gehrke Windmill Garden.  I had no idea whether this was worth a look but since I was going to be there, why not stop off.  It was a strange little installation.  Next to a park, it was set in the middle of the parking lot.  Fencing surrounded the garden and within it were a wide array of wind turbines made from anything that the creator could get their hands on.  Water funnel, cups, bicycle wheels – you name it.  They had been roped in to action as a windmill.  All this was right next to the road.  Definitely not something I would make a specific visit for but a novelty to check out while passing by – I didn’t even need to take a side turning to get there!

Fort Point

wpid8626-C59F4428.jpgA great place in San Francisco to take people but one that seemingly is ignored by many tourists is Fort Point.  Located at the mouth of Golden Gate, it is a fort designed to protect the bay entrance.  Now it is right underneath one end of the Golden Gate Bridge so it provides a very different vantage point for bridge viewing.

wpid8638-C59F4531.jpgI forget how interesting a place it can be.  We took our visitors there so that they could get the unusual view of the bridge but we ended up spending a lot more time there since the place is very interesting in itself.  Why do I not remember that?

wpid8628-C59F4438.jpgThe fort structure is very cool and it has a number of exhibits including old cannons, rooms configured as they were when it was in use and displays on the building of the bridge above it.  The upper levels provide a great view of the entrance to the bay as well as the bridge and he bay itself.  Being so close to the bridge gives you a chance to play with some angles that provide a more distorted view of things which can be quite fun.

wpid8634-C59F4500-Edit.jpgAlso, you are under some of the ironwork which has great colors and textures.  A little HDR can help here to cover the well shaded structures as well as the views beyond that are in full light.  Whether you want to see the context or go a little abstract, you can find something to play with.  Meanwhile, some panorama options are there to be played with given the shape of the fort and the bridge beyond.