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Cleaning the Gum Wall

One of the more unpleasant tourist attractions in Seattle is the gum wall.  That made it on to the blog in this post from a few years ago.  We went to check it out when we had visitors staying recently.  However, we had chosen poorly (or well depending on your perspective).  They were in the process of cleaning the wall.  Some poor guy was busy with a jet washer blasting the crap off the walls.  Not a nice job I imagine.

This is Disgusting – You Have Been Warned!!!

wpid6614-IMG_1531.jpgWhile in downtown Seattle, I was introduced to something that I had never heard about. It is the gum wall. Not having heard about this before, I was curious. It is a wall where people have taken to sticking their used gum creating a wall of gum. We actually went in the wrong direction initially so didn’t find it. A reversal of course took us back to Pike Place Market and a word with a guy who worked there provided us with directions. It was very close.

wpid6618-IMG_1536.jpgHis parting words were to try not to lose our lunch. I thought he was joking but he was spot on. When I first saw the wall, I did experience a pretty nauseous feeling. It is quite disgusting. After a while, you get used to it a bit more but it doesn’t stop being quite unpleasant. I only had my phone with my and it was rather dingy down there – even without the gum. However, I had to try and record what I saw. Not the nicest of tourist attractions but one that has a sort of morbid curiosity about it!