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Qantas Dreamliner Delivery

Delivery flights from Paine Field are good news because the jets are going to be a bit heavier and will use more of the runway.  This brings them closer to where you can be to photograph them.  Qantas were taking their second Dreamliner and it was delivering early in the afternoon of a winter Saturday.  The winter light is just so good when the clouds have parted.  No harsh shadows and a low sun angle are great conditions to be shooting in.  I hope the crew had a good flight.  It was long enough!

China Southern Second Attempt

AU0E3687.jpgThe timing of my visit to Seal Point Park did coincide with the scheduled arrival time of the China Southern Boeing 787. This was one that I had meant to shoot previously and had bodged as a result of being distracted. That was discussed further here. This time I thought I would make a more concerted effort to get it right. I was just hoping that the heat haze would not be a problem.

As it worked out, I did not lose track of what was going on and I was ready when the colorful jet showed up on the approach. He was a bit far out which meant the haze was a problem from some angles but still good enough to get a reasonable shot as it passed which was combined with an Air Canada A320 heading downwind for its arrival.