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Of Course I Had a Go – Comet Neowise

With the limited options to go anywhere, you would think that any photo opportunity would immediately pique my interest.  The arrival of a comet in the night sky would seem to be just the sort of thing I would have a go at.  However, it took me a little while to get tuned in to the idea of seeing this comet.  I had been out of the house one evening and, when I got back, I saw a video about the comet on YouTube.  With it getting dark, I figured I would try and check it out.  We had a run of very clear skies so this seemed like the ideal opportunity.

The problem was where to see it.  The comet was relatively low in the sky and I needed to get a bit higher up.  Plenty of hills around here so I headed out in the car.  However, we also have a lot of trees and I failed to find a good spot.  I also think I hadn’t let it get dark enough in hindsight.  It did get me thinking about it a bit more though and I decided I should go to the shore since the view would not be obstructed.  Mukilteo seemed like a good option.  Apparently, I was not the only one to think so!

I got to Mukilteo at about 10pm to give my self time to get sorted out.  The parking lot was surprisingly full.  It certainly wasn’t crowded but there were a lot of people there.  I got set up once the comet started to be visible.  There is a path along the shore with some grass behind it and I set up on the grass.  What I didn’t know about was the night sprinkler system.  I found out when it switched on!  I only had to move a short distance to stay dry, though.  Then I was free to shoot the comet.  I did try a shot with the ferry crossing underneath but the ferry moves a surprisingly long way in a short exposure time.

Comet Cockpit and Cabin

The Comet may have been the first British jet airliner and the first in commercial service but it is not too well served by Museums.  I guess the stragglers got chopped up when they had served their purpose.  Everett is home to a Comet 4 though with the Museum of Flight’s restoration facility being home to one.  Progress on it has been slow but steady.  I have seen it a few times over the years.  You used to be able to walk outside and see the bits stuck outdoors but now there is commercial service at Paine Field, the ramp is a bit more secure.

On my most recent visit, I wandered through the cabin and had a look in the cockpit.  The cockpit did result in some HDR shots and I wrote a post about that here that discussed the different results Adobe software provides for HDR.  These shots just give you an idea of what the early days of jet aviation brought to the flying public.