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Damage From Falling Trees

One evening, I took a walk down to Juanita Bay Park.  As it headed out to one of the platforms, I could see that the railing had a section that was freshly replaced.  A look over the edge showed that one of the trees had shed a large chunk.  I guess this must have wiped out the old railing material.  They had done a good job of getting the replacement in place but had left the branch where it had fallen.  I am glad I wasn’t there when it fell as I imagine my head might not have been so easily fixed.

Beaver Damage

Getting photos of the beavers is a lot of fun.  You are aware of what they can do to a tree if they choose and, while it is good for some of the environments when they take down a tree, it can also be disappointing. Consequently, many of the trees have wire mesh around the trunk to protect them.  However, while cycling along the Sammammish River, I saw a small tree that one of the beavers had taken down.  Since they hadn’t taken it away, I am not sure why they took it down, but they had certainly done a job on it!

Woodinville Lineman

If you take a garbage truck and attach it to a power pole that you aren’t supposed to attach it to, you are likely to cause some trouble.  We had a blackout as a result of such an event.  The pole ended up punching a hole in the roof of a nearby house (thankfully it wasn’t raining) and power to our area was cut off. I got home as the light was fading and got a few shots of the damage.  The power lines are strong and they had succeeded in taking down two lamp posts as well.

I popped back out to see how things were progressing and to watch the teams at work fixing the situation.  Making the initial pole safe took a lot of time as bits of it were removed.  A new pole was put in place and the old pole lifted back up and attached to the new one.  I assume this was a temporary fix.  Focus then shifted to the next pole which was leaning at an angle that suggested it had taken a bit of the load too.  This one just got straightened up and didn’t need to be replaced.  I gave up watching after a while since I preferred to be indoors in the warm.  Power came back on at 9pm so we were able to sort out the things that had been cut off before turning in for the night.

Hail Damaged Radome?

This 777 pulled onto the gate in front of my while I was at Haneda.  The radome seems to have taken a bit of punishment.  It looks a bit like some of those shots you see of jets that have gone through a hail storm.  I don’t know whether that is the case for this one and it has, no doubt, been checked and found to be airworthy but it certainly looked out of keeping.

USS San Francisco Memorial

Walk around the headland from Sutro Baths and you come to a great view looking across towards the Golden Gate Bridge.  Here is located the memorial to the USS San Francisco.  The ship was engaged in a vicious battle during the Second World War at Guadalcanal in which her senior officers were killed.  The ship survived albeit heavily damaged.  When she was scrapped after the war, the wings from the bridge were kept and placed as part of the memorial.  They still bear the scars of the rounds that hit the ship during the engagement with the steel holed and twisted in many places.

Don’t Lose Control of Your Tug Please!

This is a bit of an old event but I thought it was worth a post.  A number of years ago we took a vacation to South Pender Island in British Columbia.  We stayed in a hotel by a little harbor called Poet’s Cove and I spent a lot of time watching the comings and goings of the boats and the floatplanes.  One afternoon, an old tug boat approached the harbor.  It was a rugged looking old beast of a boat but it looked like it had been restored for use as a private boat.  It came chugging in towards the harbor, apparently ready to moor up.

What happened next is not entirely clear to me.  Whether the person in charge didn’t really know what they were doing or whether there was a technical failure of some sort I do not know.  Whatever it was, the tug came in at a decent speed and didn’t show any signs of slowing down.  It was heading for a rather nice little cruiser that was on the end of one of the jetties and, sure enough, they plowed right into it.

The whole thing seemed to be in slow motion because, since they are boats, things don’t happen very fast but they don’t stop fast either.  The cruiser had a RIB mounted on the stern – at least it originally did – and this seemed to take a lot of the visible punishment.  However, judging by the sounds that were made on impact, I am imagining that some of the cruiser on the opposite side from me sustained damage I never saw.

Eventually, the tug crew got things slightly under control and backed out of the harbor and dropped anchor a short way offshore.  The people on the jetty seemed to be in shock (can’t say I blame them) and then a deputation motors out to the tug to “discuss” what had happened.  I watched things for a while but, once everything seemed to be under control, I retreated to the hotel to tell Nancy all about it over a beer!

Convertible Delivery Trucks

wpid6163-IMG_1482.jpgThe number of bridges and underpasses in the city mean there are plenty of signs showing vehicles what the height restrictions are.  As someone who drives cars that will fit anywhere, I don’t pay a huge amount of attention to these signs.  I don’t even have a honking great SUV so there is never any problem.  If I was a truck driver, I imagine I might be a bit more aware of these things.  Then again, maybe you assume the height they post on the sign has a bit of wiggle room built in.

wpid6161-IMG_1481.jpgWhatever the story, someone got it wrong the other day near us.  I was walking across the pedway to go to Michigan Avenue when I saw a guy getting a step ladder out and looking at the top of the truck – or at least what used to be the top of the truck.  Half of it was gone and a few of the cross struts for the roof could be seen hanging down inside the vehicle.  I guess they got it wrong.  Either that or the sunny weather made them turn the truck into a convertible!