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Silk Air But Not For Long

Singapore Airlines has been rationalizing their operations and one of the changes that they are making is getting rid of their subsidiary Silk Air and integrating its operations in to the mainline airline.  Silk Air has ordered a bunch of 737s from Boeing and these are in the process of being delivered.  A number of the planes were already painted in the Silk Air colors and apparently the airline determined it was cheaper for them to repaint them than to have Boeing do it.  Consequently, they are being test flown in the old colors.

I assume that later jets will be painted in Singapore colors as they come off the line (depending on how much Boeing charges for that change order) but I have yet to see one in the new colors.  I hope to get one before too long since I don’t have any plans to be in Singapore for a while.  We shall see.  I have got some distant shots of one passing near the house as it returned to BFI as well as some shots from BFI itself.

The Fourth 787 Struggling to Fly

Of the original 787 development airframes, three are now in museums and Boeing has one that it continues to use for test work.  It was the fourth of the jets and, I assume, the closest to a production standard.  It was recently out at Boeing Field for a flight.  It taxied by me to the end of the taxiway where it then waited for a very long time.  Some fire trucks were close by but not attending it – just watching as far as I could tell.  They called up to say that they would be there for a long time so the tower was diverting things around them.

Eventually they taxied back before finally getting whatever was the issue sorted out at which point the runway in use had changed.  They had to head to the other end of the field for departure.  This time they did take off and headed off for whatever testing they had planned.  Not sure of whatever it was that caused them so much trouble but I guess it got resolved.

Life Flight Bell 429

Boeing Field has a lot of aeromedical flights that come through and Life Flight Network is a regular part of operations.  They have a variety of types that they use including the Bell 429.  I think the 429 is a reasonable looking airframe compared to some of the other Bell products and the Life Flight colors certainly look good on it.  This one was arriving from the south with some nice light on it.

A Pair of G500s

Of the new generation of Gulfstream jets, the G500 was the first to test and the first to service.  It might have taken a long time to get certificated but it is now in service.  Even so, I haven’t seen too many of them yet.  However, I managed to get two on one day.  One of them was an approach to Boeing Field and what appeared to be a Gulfstream owned airframe was also parked on Modern Aviation’s ramp.

I think they are a pretty good looking airframe and have addressed some of my misgivings about the older generation Gulfstreams.  Now there are going to be a bunch of variants with the G500, G600, G700 and G800.  There is also going to be a G400 but I don’t yet know whether that is the same airframe design base or something different.  Probably similar though.  Can’t see much future for the G650 with all of these, though.

Marine Corps C-20G

Military movements don’t usually show up on things like FlightAware but they can make an appearance on FlightRadar24 or ADSB Exchange.  I hadn’t been checking either of them as I was getting ready to leave when one of the other people nearby let me know a C-20 was inbound.  It turned out to be a C-20G from the US Marine Corps.  I’m usually happy to shoot a Gulfstream but one in military markings is a bit more unusual and the Marine Corps even more so.  Glad to have had the tip not to go too soon.

Gweduck Pattern Work

I think this Gweduck lives locally.  I posted about it before and, around that time, was also instructed on how to pronounce its name.  One sunny afternoon, it was doing a lot of pattern work at Boeing Field which gave me a few chances to get some shots of it.  I like the look of amphibians and the Gweduck, while not super graceful, still looks pretty good.  They even did the decent thing and taxied by me to give me a chance for some closer shots!

JetRanger X Overhead

In creating the 505 JetRanger X, Bell did not come up with the best-looking airframe.  It really doesn’t look like should with the nose looking very stubby.  However, it will probably sell well enough with Bell behind it.  One was making an approach to BFI from the west.  It wanted to land on the east side of the field but there was a lot of traffic inbound so they were made to hold on the west side for a while.  I was watching them over my shoulder.  Gradually they were drifting south towards me so they were almost overhead by the time that they were cleared to cross the field.  It gave me plenty of time to get some shots – even with the traffic on the main runway.

Mokulele Flight Services Caravan

When in Hawaii a few years ago I saw Mokulele Flight Services operating a Cessna Caravan.  More recently, a Caravan has been flying out of BFI in Mokulele colors.  I am assuming that Mokulele has sold the aircraft to another operator.  I am not aware of them providing service around here but that doesn’t mean they aren’t.  If it has been sold, I wonder how long before it gets repainted.

Chinook Welcome Flyby

The presence of JBLM south of Tacoma means that there are plenty of military helicopters operating in the Seattle area.  I got lucky late in one day when a Chinook called up on approach.  They weren’t landing at the field but just flying through.  I got a good view of it as it came in to the field.  They then turned downwind to depart providing a background view as a local JetRanger came in to land.  I am not a big fan of the sand finish used on the Chinooks these days but they do pick up the light.

Tale of Two Twins

I don’t think the single engined Diamond aircraft are particularly good looking but the twins are a lot more elegant looking.  The DA62 is a particularly attractive aircraft.  A friend of mine has one and he brought it in to BFI a while back.  Sadly, he arrived in the middle of the day when the sun was high and the heat haze was harsh.  I still got some shots but nothing too special.  More recently, another 62 came into BFI but this time from the opposite direction when the light was a lot more favorable.  Now I just need Steve to show up again on a clear winter day!