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Bf-109 Check Out for Stevo

Some visits to an airport can be a total loss.  Nothing of interest happens and you come away with no shots worthy of note.  On other occasions, you get a surfeit of riches.  I had one such evening at Paine Field.  It included a sortie by FHCAM’s Bf-109.  I saw it taxiing out which looked good and then found myself being joined on the mound by Steve Hinton.  Steve’s son, Stevo, was being checked out in the 109 that evening.  He took of a flew a little general handling before returning for a few patterns.  The 109 is a great looking plane, particularly with the right engine installed.  Having someone like Steve alongside to discuss what was going on was icing on the cake.

That Rare Beast, the 109

The Bf-109 was built in huge numbers but a very small number of them survive.  The Hispano Buchon was a 109 fitted with a Merlin engine and they served after the war and ultimately made their way into collections in bigger numbers but real 109s are a lot thinner on the ground.  They also look so much meaner in my mind courtesy of the thicker nose for the DB engine.  FHCAM has a 109 and it flew during the European Theater Day.

It went out for a run in the morning and I got a couple of quick shots of it then.  It flew again in the afternoon, this time paired with the Mosquito.  Sadly, there were limited times when they were alone and the Mosquito was a priority for me that day so the 109 did not get my focus.  I did get to shoot a few frames of it and, with a sunny day bringing out the camouflage nicely, I was quite pleased with the results.  Obviously there are better conditions to shoot it but I had very few 109 airborne shots before this day so I expanded the collection quite a bit.