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Frost on the Leaves

Early morning walks after a cold night mean frost everywhere.  I guess I am accustomed to frost on hard surfaces but softer items, for some reason, didn’t seem like things that would have frost on them.  Plants are not warm blooded so why wouldn’t the frost gather on the leaves too.  This is probably obvious to everyone but me but I was quite taken with the frost crystals on the leaves.

Aside from the mere presence of frost, I was also impressed by the shapes that the frost crystals had developed in to.  They were quite exaggerated and a decent size compared to the leaves themselves.  Since it had been a cold and calm morning, getting shots of the leaves was easier than normal since usually the gentlest of breezes will cause motion in the leaves making a sharp shot hard to achieve.  The stillness was my friend (and also made for a more comfortable walk since, without wind, the low air temperatures were not uncomfortable).

Tree Stumps on the Beach (With Frost)

Walking along Long Beach in Tofino early in the morning, it was still pretty cold.  The lack of wind meant it was perfectly comfortable in the sun but the air temps were low.  The result was lots of frost on the tree stumps that were scattered along the beach.  The texture of the cross section of the wood was already accentuated by weathering but the addition of the frost provided a bit more emphasis to the surface.


Icy Wing Mirror

Winter frosts can produce some great patterns of ice on objects. This shot was taken of a wing mirror of a car that had grown some lovely looking ice crystals.  RAW can be your friend in situations like this because the reflectivity of ice can glare detail out and RAW gives you the latitude to pull back some of the details.  This was taken on the phone, but the detail survived quite well.

It’s Cold Up High

C59F7593.jpgOne element of shooting at Coyote Point that I particularly like is the way you can get a good view of the undersides of the jets as they come in. The long haul flights often have an added feature. The wing fuel is mostly burnt down by the time they land but there are reserves still in the tanks to cover unforeseen events. Many hours at altitude has chilled the fuel down nicely so, as the plane descends into the moist air over the bay, a nice frost forms on the underside of the wings where the fuel is still sitting.

AU0E1413.jpgI have seen this on various jets over the years so this post is a compilation. Some of these shots are recent and some are from older shoots. Rather than show the whole plane, these are focused on the areas where the frost forms. They give you a good idea of the internal structure of the various types involved.