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Dreamliner Glider

Around the world you can find plenty of parked Boeing 787s at the moment.  Problems with the Rolls Royce Trent engines for this type mean that airlines have been pulling engines from various airframes in order to keep others flying.  ANA uses Rolls engines on their fleet and I saw this aircraft being pulled around a taxiway at Haneda.  Both engines were off making it look quite odd.  It will certainly be a lot lighter than before but, somehow, I think that isn’t going to make it more efficient!

Still Seem to be Missing Some Engines Here!

My Renton visit also allowed me to have a look around the production aircraft out on the flight line or in the factory areas.  The shortage of engines has been a concern which I wrote about last year and which was supposed to be fixed by the year end.  Judging by how many of these planes are still carrying ballast rather than engines, I guess things are still a bit behind schedule.  Then again, with what has happened since, maybe the cost of accepting some engines is not something Boeing wants…